Sunday, March 24, 2019

Free Printable 21 Day Fix Journals

I really hope these free printables help you with your health/fitness journey! 

Just scroll down for the download link - no signup required :)
**Please note: These sheets were made by me. Therefore, if you are going to share them, please share this page and NOT the direct download page, as per my acceptable use policy. Thank you!**

The 21-Day Fix is a 21-day fitness and nutrition program on It features 21 days of workouts and nutrition guidelines, which my journal pages follow.
There are 6 different calorie levels, depending on what you need in order to reach your goals. 

Need to figure out what number you need? Do some simple math!

Multiply your weight x 11. (This is your calorie baseline)
Add 400 to that number. (This is your weight maintenance number)
Now take away 750.  (Now here is how many calories you can eat to lose weight. About 1-2 pounds per week)

After you have that number, you just choose which program fits your needs. 

I have started using it myself and was looking for some nutrition trackers to use, but couldn't find any I liked. So I made some!
You can laminate these to reuse one sheet throughout the three weeks with a dry erase marker. Or you can print out 21 sheets to use one every day.

This set features all of the levels of calories and foods from 1,200 through 2,800. If you want to learn more about the program, just visit and try out a free 14-day trial. You actually get most of this program for free! 

*Please note that I am not associated or sponsored with in any way, I'm just using their program!

Friday, March 8, 2019

The Amish Sweetshop: A Book Review

Today I'm sharing a fun new Amish fiction novel with you. Actually, it's a few short novellas put into one book by a few great authors who are new to me. I always love finding new authors to add to my TBR lists, so I was excited to read these stories.

Read on below for a bit about this book, and my review of each little story. Enjoy!

Just to let you know: I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley  in exchange for my review.

Book Synopsis
It’s almost Valentine’s Day, the busiest time of the year at Beechy’s Sweets, where the Amish gifts of love and faith are even sweeter than the home-made candy. 

THE SWEETEST COURTSHIP National Bestselling Author Emma MillerAt age thirty-six, Jacob Beechy is a rarity—a master candy maker, and a bachelor. His mother, however, still hopes for grandchildren. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, she convinces Jacob he will need extra help in the shop and interviews a string of applicants—for his future wife . . .  

THE SWEETEST TRUTH  National Bestselling Author Laura BradfordSadie Fischer has accepted that she will never marry. Her scars from a barn fire are a daily reminder of why. So when she receives mysterious gifts leading up to Valentine’s Day, including chocolate from Beechy’s, she’s bewildered—yet curious. Sadie may not think she’s pretty, but there’s a young man who sees only sweetness when he looks at her . . . 

NOTHING TASTES SO SWEET Award-Winning Author Mary Ellis Pregnant and suddenly widowed, Hannah must give up the dreams she once had. But when she learns that her longtime English employer plans to sell his hardware store, she’s determined to buy it. She doesn’t realize that will mean following a clue from Beechy’s to clear a man’s name—and finding a partnership in work, faith, and love . . .

My Review
When it comes to reading Amish fiction, a few things about a story are really important to me. First of all, the author does his or her research. I know there are tons of different Amish districts with many different rules, but there are a few general ones that most districts do follow. There's nothing that frustrates me more than reading a book about the Amish where the author has obviously not looked up much about them. Not only does it make the story hard to believe, but it makes the characters lack depth too.

You'll be happy to know that in this book, all of the authors have definitely studied the Amish lifestyle. I especially loved how all of the characters come together at some point in the stories, so you get to know them from another author and character's point of view.

Each story had it's moments and storylines that stood out. In The Sweetest Courtship, it was fun to read about a male Amish character for a bit of a change. In The Sweetest Truth, we watch a young woman overcome her fears and insecurities to reach out to someone else. And in Nothing Tastes So Sweet, there's an exciting story about Hannah, who almost defies the rules she's brought up in and cares so much about.

If you're a fan of Amish fic, or sweet romance stories that have depth but don't get too steamy, then I just know you'll love reading this book!  So here is how to get a copy...

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