Monday, October 2, 2023

Free Repeated Addition to Multiplication Lesson and Worksheets

Free Repeated Addition to Multiplication 

Lesson and Worksheets

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Kids following most math curriculums will typically spend the first 3 years learning about addition and subtraction. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that when we throw in a completely new symbol, many kids get stuck. Teaching multiplication doesn't have to be scary though, or even take up a lot of time. As soon as kids realize exactly what multiplication is, it becomes a whole lot easier for them to get to know their facts and tables.

In this open-and-go lesson, you'll take your learners step-by-step from addition to repeated addition, to multiplication! The lesson slides or pages keep it super simple with easy explanations and real-life situations. It will go over what multiplication is, what the symbol for multiplication is, the commutative property of multiplication, and how to use skip counting and/or strategies to multiply.

Your learners will get plenty of practice too! Not only is practice built into the lesson, but I have included an easy-to-use center and worksheets for you as well. These can be used with markers or manipulatives when placed inside a plastic page protector or laminated. We also love to use them with dice or a spinner. Just have kids spin for the numbers and fill them in.

Download for free below!

You can download this lesson and practice unit by clicking on the link below. All I ask is that when sharing this resource with others, please share the link to this blog post, not the Google Drive! You may distribute paper copies of this resource for FREE or store it for use in your school's resources so long as my website name remains on each page. You may NOT distribute this resource for any profit in any way. Thank you!