Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Free Situational Math Problem for Elementary Cycle 2 Grades 3 to 4

 Free Situational Math Problem for Elementary Cycle Two (Grades 3 to 4)

Have you seen my other situational problems? You can find them here on my math freebies page under 'problem-solving' There are problems for all elementary cycles!

Another situational problem is here!

Does that make you feel happy or anxious? How about your learners - do they like solving these longer math problems or do they bring on tears? My hope is that with these simpler problems I am creating, we can all find a happy balance! Your kids will still be familiar with situational problems and how to solve them, but they won't feel overwhelmed by the size of the problem.

If your learner is still feeling frustrated, I recommend taking it slow. On day one, read the problem together and talk about what needs to be done. On day two, write down what needs to be done. Day three, write down some ways you can both brainstorm to solve it. Don't be afraid to really help your child - they are not meant to solve these along at this age. Maybe they'd also like to colour in the catalogue. Day four, begin to solve. Day five, finish it up and review. 


GO out for a treat or do something they would like to do - solving a situational problem is quite an accomplishment at this age!

In this situational problem, learners will need to help Tim design his new bedroom. They will plan the layout of his room following certain rules and need to stay within a budget using the furniture catalogue included. 

An example is given of how this problem could be solved on the problem page (as in the image above). I have also included an answer guide - although every kid's answer might be different. That's the fun part of solving a problem like this - it is kind of open-ended. I have also included a checklist that you can use to be sure your kids did everything the problem asked.

Outline pages are also included in this situational problem. Students can use these to write down what they know about the problem, as well as write ideas about how they can solve the problem. Although these pages are usually not required in exams with situational problems, they can come in handy!

The best part, of course, is that this problem is FREE! You can download it under the image below. All I ask is that when sharing this resource you share the link to this blog page and not the direct download link. Thank you!

Enjoy learning!

Download the free situational math problem here!