Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Free Fractions Math Kit to Teach the Fraction Basics

 Free Fractions Math Unit 

Teach identifying fractions through lessons, visuals, worksheets, and more!

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Learnign to identify and understand fractions are important parts of the elementary math curriculum pretty much everywhere in the world. Fractions are such a huge part of our everyday lives from measuring out ingredients to figuring out sale prices. Learning to solve more complex fraction problems all starts with kids having great fraction sense.

One of the best ways to begin building this math skill is to start with basic partitioning and shapes (see my free partitioning unit here!) and then move onto full fractions of shapes. Once kids understand how things are divided equally (shapes, groups, etc) they can begin to understand that a fraction is just a way to show that division using numbers.

Teaching Fraction Basics and Vocabulary
As most of us know, learning about fractions starts with learning what an equal part is and how a fraction is written. In this unit, you'll find plenty of helpful guides to get kids to see this concept as well as learn the proper vocabulary to use when speaking about fractions. 

Your learner(s) will learn about numerators, denominators (and what they MEAN), how to write a fraction, fraction wording (one-fifth, five-eighths, etc), and how to identify fractions.

Practice, practice, and more Fraction Practice Sheets!
Practicing writing, identifying and reading fractions will help your learners become fraction experts! So I have made sure to include PLENTY of practice pages that you can use. There are sheets for shading fractions, writing fractions, partitioning, and fraction words.

Hands-on Manipulatives and Activities
We all know that kids learn best through doing rather than always just seeing, so I have also included plenty of options for activities and games that you can use during learning time. There are cards, fraction strips, some recording sheets and more included to help you out!

Video Suggestions, Online Games
I've made sure to include some kid-friendly teaching videos that you can use in this unit. Whether you use them as your main lesson, a teaching aid for yourself, or just as an extra review, they are all short and to the point - and made for kids!

There are also links to tons of online games that you can check out and use to have your learner practicing fractions all year long for review. This is definitely always a hit with my own kids!

Download the Free Unit Below...
You can download the free unit by clicking on the link below. All I ask is that when sharing this unit you share the link to this blog - not the google link. You may also share paper copies for free as long as my website name remains on the page.

Enjoy learning!