Monday, March 27, 2023

Free Writing Unit: Trace Color and Write for Kids who Love to Draw!

 Free Writing Unit: Trace Color and Write for Kids who Love to Draw!

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Do you have a kiddo who LOVES to draw - and draw and draw? I do! That is why I made these super cute and fun trace, color and write pages - and am sharing them with you!

My youngest especially loves to trace pictures lately and make up stories about them, so to encourage her creativity I thought these would be a lot of fun. They're a great way to fit in some extra writing practice every day, and even have some sneaky vocabulary words slipped into them that will help your kids write better!

In this little bundle I've included 8 pages of writing prompts - 8 with word banks and 8 without. The drawings are pretty and inviting for kids to trace and characters and objects that will inspire their imagination!

They would be great boredom busters at home, or perfect for teachers who have early finishers in their classroom who need something engaging to do. They could easily be printed out and put on a table for kids to choose from.

I've also included a blank page that your learners can use to trace any drawing they would like to and write a story about it. If you use simple copy paper to print these on, it's usually pretty simple to trace with. My youngest has also hung a picture she wants to trace on a  window before and then put a piece of copy paper over it to trace. Of course, light tables work amazingly if you're lucky enough to have one too!

You can download this freebie by clicking on the link below. All I ask is that when sharing this resource you direct people to this blog (messybeautifulfun) and not the google drive. You may share FREE paper copies too, so long as my website address remains on the pages.