Saturday, August 5, 2023

French Writing Made Easy! A Simple open-and-go curriculum

 French Writing Made Easy! 
A Simple open-and-go curriculum

Wondering how to teach beginner French writing to your kids or class? Want them to go beyond just writing French vocabulary words? I designed these units for my own kids for just that very reason!

Teaching kids to learn French words in isolation is one thing, but teaching sentence structure, and grammar, and then expecting them to put it all together is another! These units make it super simple by using quick lessons, sight words, simple rules, and plenty of practice.

What's Included in the 2-week units?

  • A word list with explanations for teachers and/or parents/tutors
  • A word list or flashcards for students
  • A rule poster to display
  • Student-sized rule cards for notebooks
  • Sample lesson plans (8 days of lessons)
  • Daily worksheets (8 days of worksheets)
  • Daily French dictations to read to students
  • Student sentence books to practice reading the sentences and words they have learned
  • Dictation pages for students, find a word activity for students
  • Student dictionary to keep track of new words learned

Lesson Plans and 2-Week Units

These units are all broken up into simple 2-week segments. Frencg grammar rules, words, and concepts are taught over 2 weeks so that students really get to know them well. There are different worksheets for every school day of the week, new dictations to use, and weekly quizzes too, so you can assess your student's learning.

Lesson plans are given along with a simple script to follow to teach the rule of the unit. These scripts make teaching these rules and French writing simple, even if you're not familiar with them yourself!

Plenty of Practice!

One thing students need when learning a language is plenty of practice. Written practice can help so much too as there is so much research showing the correlation between writing something down and memory. The worksheets included in these units cement the words and rules learned, while the dictations give kids a chance to see the words they've learned in sentences. Units also come with a phrasebook to give out to students that they can use to practice reading those dictations.

Additionally, at least 3 days per week (more in later units) students will be required to write their own sentences using the words they have learned. They can refer to their word sheets and phrase books to help them. It is also encouraged that students 'discover a word' every week using the word discovery page. This allows them to add in some extra vocabulary of something they really like - like a favourite game or activity. This word can then be used in their writing as well.

Creating Their Own Dictionaries

Two types of dictionaries kids can make are also included with these units. One has them write their words in French only and illustrate them, while the other has them write their words in both English and French. They're a great activity to include for students to refer to throughout the year.

The First 4 Weeks Available!

The first 4 weeks of this program are available on TeachersPayTeachers now!  You can also try out a 2-day sample on TeachersPayTeachers, or by using the Google Drive link below. Units cost just $2 each (that's only $1 per week!) and are over 60 pages long.