Saturday, June 18, 2022

Free Math Journals for Grade 1-2 - Free Math Curriculum Printables


Have you ever tried using a math journal with your learners? 
Math journals are not only a fun addition to math lessons for most kids, but they're also a great way to assess kids learning, and challenge them to think differently about math.

Jen thinks that 6 + 4 = 12. Ryan thinks that 6 + 4 = 10. Who is correct? Show how you know.
Questions like these are included in the journal - I have also included different levels (same question but with 12 + 12 as the equation, for example) for different learners. 

So how to answer a question like that?

That's up to your kids! They show their answer with a drawing, a sentence, maybe a number line. The idea is that kids can show their math skills AND vocabulary AND thinking all in one step.

Here are a few more examples of some questions and how kids might answer them:

Pages like these show which strategies your learners are using most.

Writing their own problems when given a question is a great way to bring a fresh take on problem-solving.

There are similar vocabulary pages for addition and subtraction, as well as comparing.

Some pages ask kids to think outside the box of using numbers only.

Many questions have 2 different levels to cater to different skills.

There are 25 questions in all!

This also means that this journal could be used for two years, especially for homeschooled kiddos.

Grab the free download below

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Download the free Math Journals here!

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