Monday, October 19, 2020

Fractions Pizza Parlor A fun Way To Teach Fractions!

One of the most fun ways I can think of to teach math is with food! Who's with me? Sharing a pie, chocolate bar...even a little old cookie can be used to teach both fractions and division.

So as my daughter is in third grade and starting to learn more about fractions, I thought it'd be fun to play pizza restaurant. So of course I had to make us a set! I know you're going to love it too...

Welcome to the Fraction Action Pizza Parlor! Where we serve you fractions of a pie for a fraction of a price!

This set includes so much to help you introduce and further your kids or class fraction concepts. There is an opportunity to learn basic fractions, but also to expand their thinking and learn about different fractions (2 quarter slices of could I serve that as another fraction?) And even adding fractions for older kids.

I've also included some fun centers you can use with different levels of differentiation. There are some beginner centers for kids who are just learning to identify fractions and more intermediate and advanced ones for kiddos who need a challenge. Recording sheets are included too!

You could use this set as a classroom or homeschool decor when your kids are learning about fractions, or you could use it as an imaginary play center to teach them all about fractions without textbooks. 

We began our lesson with our fraction posters, explaining what fractions, numerators, and denominators mean. I think it's so important to teach kids what math means, not just throw the facts at them. It really makes a difference later on in life (take this from a homeschooling mom of 12 years who is graduating her son this year through government exams - understanding and repetition matter!)

Next, we set up our Fraction Action Pizza Parlor! This included hanging out pizza price signs (there's an already filled in price version or a blank one for you to choose from)

We also got our fraction money ready, and our receipts. And of course our pizzas! I've included pizzas with fractions written on them and blank ones. 

Once we were all set up it was time to serve the customers! They were quite demanding! You'll have 6 quarter slices? Wait, how much is that in total?

We tallied up orders on our receipts. I included three versions in this pack for kids just learning to write fractions through to kids adding fractions (they may just need some scrap paper too!) All in all, it was a productive day! Even my youngest learned a lot about fractions, though the unit was meant for her big sis.

You can buy this unit in my Teachers Pay Teachers shop or my Etsy shop, whichever you prefer!

I really hope you and your kiddos enjoy it! If you do, please let me know on social media and I'll give you a shout out! 

Buy The Fraction Action Pizza Play Set on TeachersPayTeachers
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Thursday, October 15, 2020

STEM Art Curriculum Bundle: A Look Inside!


It's HERE!
The Ultimate STEM +  Art Bundle is live today, and I am so excited to share it all with you here. 
There is honestly SO MUCH included in this bundle, I found it hard to narrow down which photos to show you! But I feel like these ones below (created by Danielle Hansen, creator, bundle maker extraordinaire, and blogger at The Brilliant Bungalow) highlight a good lot of what is included.

Remember: You can get a FREE Bundle Guide Here! This gives you a link to EACH product sold in the bundle so you can preview as many as you'd like (they are all included in full in the download when you purchase the bundle. The links are just for previews)
You can buy The Bundle Here
You can message me on Instagram with any questions you have about the bundle

There are over 3300 pages included in the bundle and over $800 worth of content for just $25!
This comes from over 40 authors and shops and features educational content for ages 0-14 that can be used for YEARS to come. I know I'll be using so much of it this year, and in future years too for coding, engineering, science, art, and more!

I've divided the photos into categories below. Enjoy your tour of the STEM + Art Bundle bundle!

STEM Resources



Art & Imagination

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Around The World Curriculum Bundle - History, Geography, Science And More!


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     If you're getting ready to homeschool, teach, (or maybe both this year, you brave soul!) then I have something really amazing for you to check out. It's over one thousand pages of curriculum that normally sells for over $400 - for just 1/10th of that! Better yet, it's an amazing bundle because it has two options - one for younger kids, and one for the older kiddos too! But it's only around until August 24th!

    See The Around The World Bundle Here!

    I LOVE bundle sales. And I have to admit, I often buy them up pretty quickly. Not only do you get an amazing quality curriculum for a while lot less than you would normally get, but there are often so many shops and curriculums I discover when I buy them. What has frustrated me in the past, however, has always been that the bundles are often aimed at the youngest kids out there. Since my youngest is now 6, it's getting tougher and tougher to find units like these that are engaging, colorful, and fun.

    So this bundle is really amazing for that!

    If you hop over to the bundle page here, you'll see that there are 2 options for this bundle. You can buy the 'younger set' that is aimed at kids 0-7 years old, or you can buy the older kids bundle that is for kids who are 8+. And there are fantastic options for both! And you can buy both for a reduced price too.

    Grab the bundle here!

    This bundle is called the Around The World Bundle for a reason too! The unit's themes are based on different languages, world geography, history, and world science. It's YEARS worth of exciting and amazing geography and history curriculum for just $25!

    So, what exactly do you get in these bundles? Besides all of the fabulous pictures I'm sharing with you here, there are a ton of things! Bundle A for the younger kids has over 1800 pages of curriculum and is worth over $410 when bought in separate shops! You can see everything that is included in the bundle on the Bundle Page Here.

    The bundle for older kids has over 1900 pages of curriculum and buying all of the products separately would normally cost you over $380 - for just $25! You'll find my own History Interactive Notebook, a World Research Journal (there are your history and geography notebooks for the year!), units on Malaysia, Japan, the USA, Canada, and more! You can get a good look at everything on The Bundle Page Here.

    You could also buy BOTH bundles for just $45!

    Many of the content creators are from all over the world as well! We have creators from the USA, Canada, Ukraine, Russia, China, Hungary, Cuba, the UK, Malaysia, France, and India! So awesome - you'll literally get to get a taste for the world - from the world!

    Check out The Around The World Bundles Here!

    Here's a look at just a few more (but not even all!) you'll get inside these bundles!