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Free Math Unit Missing Addends

Free Math Unit Missing Addends 

It's a new free math unit! Want MORE free math units for all grades and ages? See my math freebie page here!

Solving addition equations with missing addends is an important skill for kids to have in their math toolbox. Having this skill down for math tests or progress reports is important, but it's even more important for real-life situations. 

In this unit, learners will cover how to use counting up or subtraction to solve addition equations with missing addends. It's a unit focused on second-grade skills, but I've included worksheets that older kids can use too.

Pre-Knowledge Posters

Before starting this unit, kids should know how to add and subtract, and cont within 100. It is also very helpful if they know how to regroup in addition and subtraction problems - but it is not necessary. With most of the unit younger kids could use the counting-up strategy. Another helpful skill to have is for kids to understand the commutative property of addition - that is, they should know that 5 + 3 and 3 + 5 will both give the same sum.

Just to help with these concepts to remind kids if they need it, I have included some posters that go over these concepts.

How to Solve Addition Equations with Missing Addends

For younger kids who might be at a grade k-2 level, you may want to start by teaching them the counting-up strategy. In this strategy, kids will solve the addition equations by counting up from the addend they know to the sum. Even if your kids are older, teaching them this strategy is a great way to begin teaching this concept because it is showing them that they are finding the difference between the two numbers - which leads into the second strategy of subtraction.

The subtraction method teaches learners to solve missing addends equations using the opposite operation of addition. For example, if we want to find out the missing addend in the equation 5 + ? = 12, we could figure out the difference between 12 and 5 and get out answer. 12 - 5 = 7, so we know that the missing addend is 7. 5 + 7 = 12.

Missing Addend Worksheets

I have included a few options for worksheets in this unit. First, there is a worksheet for kids to practice the counting-up method with. The rest of the worksheets use subtraction method and include mainly 2-digit numbers. You'll also find some extra worksheets with 3 and 4 digit numbers that older kids could use to practice these strategies, as well as a blank worksheet.

 Problem-Solving with Missing Addends

One of the most important things to show kids in math is how it can be applied to real life. I this unit, I included two very simple problem solving questions that they can use their new strategies to solve. Counting up or subtraction could be used for both of these problems, as the highest number is 34.

Download the Free Unit!

You can download this unit by clicking on the link below. I really hope this helps you and your learners in your homeschool or classroom!

**I LOVE making these freebie units! All I ask is that when sharing this unit you share the link to this blog, not the google drive link. If you are sharing a paper copy that is fine, but please be sure that my website address remains on the page. Thank you!**

Download the Free Missing Addends Unit Here