Saturday, December 3, 2022

Free Quebec History Mystery 6 Animism, Shamans and Oral Tradition

 Free Quebec History Mystery 6

Animism, Shamans and Oral Tradition

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One of the most fascinating things I love to read many about is how so many indigenous tribes managed to keep their traditions, beliefs and stories alive - and there are so many! - with oral tradition. Storytelling. I LOVE to read to my kids, but I also love to tell them stories aloud sometimes - stories about my own childhood or myths I've heard. They love this too, so I can only imagine how exciting these stories must have been for children hundreds of years ago when books, tv, and technology weren't around!

This unit will dive into the spiritual beliefs and customs and storytelling practices of the Iroquoian tribes around 1500.

I LOVE teaching history and my kids love learning about it, but sometimes history texts can be so long-winded! At this age (grade 3/4 ages) it can be so difficult for kids to understand some of the history workbooks we try to give them. That's why I always try to use simple paragraphs of texts online in these units (most from the wonderful site LEARN QC).

Most links lead to pages with just a few lines of text that you can read, discuss, and use to answer the questions given. Plus I make it super easy to access these sites with either QR codes or links to the texts you'll need. My kids love using my phone to scan QR codes and like to take turns reading what they find. 

The worksheets in this unit can be used in many ways to suit your learners too. Some may like to write their own answers to the questions, while others might choose to dictate the answers to you and you can write them down. You could use a PDF form filler for them to type their answers (I WILL be making digital formats this summer - heads up! - so that kids can use typing to fill out units I make :)) or you could even have them type their answers, then print, cut, and paste them into the worksheets.

My youngest kiddo loves to draw, so sometimes I even tell her to draw her answer with a picture, labels, and speech bubbles!

And, of course, like all of the previous units, this one comes with fun badges for kids to put on display on the wall or in a special notebook to show all that they have learned - using these units over 2 years they will earn quite a few!

I do have different plans for another reward system for the older kids in future history units for grades 5-6.😉

Take a peek at the pages after the badge too - I've included a new map and another fun project idea!

This time the project would make a great time in the kitchen cooking, or a nice tea time. It involves reading some Iroquoian myths!

You can download this unit for free by clicking the link under the image below! All I ask is that when sharing this resource to please share the link to this blog, not google drive. 

Thank you and enjoy your learning!

Download History Mystery 6 Unit Here