Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Free Situational Math Problem for Elementary Cycle 3 Grades 5 and 6

Free Situational Math Problem For Elementary Cycle 3 (Grades 5 - 6)

 It's another situational math problem freebie! Want to see more? Check out my math freebie page here and click on the Problem Solving link!

I am happy to be bringing you yet another great situational math problem - this time for the kiddos learning at a grade 5 or 6 level. This one is great to practice for the sixth-grade math exam (in Quebec) since it has quite a few steps to follow and quite a bit of information to sort through. 

As in my other problems, I have kept the math fairly simple so that your kiddos can focus on fulfilling the competencies and actually get the hang of solving one of these problems - without any tears or math anxiety (I hope!)

Solving a Situational Problem in a Homeschool Setting

I have written about this before, but will say it again: Take these problems slowly. Especially if your learner has never completed one before or they do not like math time!

Start out by reading over the problem together. Put out a fun snack for your learner and read the problem. Look at all of the included pages and charts and talk about what is on them. See if your learner can spot any sort of math equations or methods they will need to use (but if they cannot just yet, that is fine!)

Next, highlight things together that you will need to use to solve the problem. For example, on the first page, it indicates that 350 tickets were sold and shows a picture of a ticket costing $20. Highlight both of those bits of information.

If you think it will benefit your student, you can help them fill out the 'What I Know about the Problem' page. This will basically be all of the information you have highlighted together, and anything they may have already noticed or figured out to do. This is NOT necessary, but can be useful!

I do recommend you use the What I need to Do to Solve the Problem page! This is a great way to make a list of all of the steps your learner will take to solve the problem. In the solution key, I have provided a sample list you can review.

Finally, it will be time to solve the problem and check off everything you wrote on the 'What I Need to DO" page. 

If this is the first time you are solving a problem like this together, I highly recommend that you do these steps over the course of a few days. Eventually, you can work up to doing it in one session. 

The Problem

In this problem, students will be helping to calculate costs and plan a menu for a movie night fundraiser to benefit an animal shelter. They will need to use basic operations, fractions, percentages, and find the average.

Try to help your student really show their work. In the exams, this counts as a large part of their grade - larger than getting the correct answer!

Download the freebie below the image!

I do hope this helps you in your homeschool or classroom! You can download this freebie by clicking on the link under the image below. Enjoy learning!

**When sharing this freebie, please share this page - NOT the google drive link. Thank you!**

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