Monday, June 20, 2022

Free Science Journal For Grades k-2: Investigating Matter

 Free Printable Science Journal for Properties of Matter in Grades K-2

Science! What kid doesn't love a fun experiment, cool project or even video they find online all about their favourite animal. Learning and teaching science can be plenty of fun for both kids and parents, but sometimes proving that your child or student has learned anything can be difficult. How do you bring all of that real-world learning into a homeschool portfolio or proof of learning? You make it as fun as possible!

That is my hope with these printable science journals - this one the first in the series. On my new site, Quebec Homeschool Helps, I have been trying my best to make up a fun and easy way for homeschool parents in my own province to prove their learning. But you don't have to live here to enjoy these printables - they can be used by anyone!

Take the above example from the science journal - learning about translucent, transparent and opaque objects or substances. I have included an anchor chart or poster that is fun and easy to understand. Your child might already know what these three words mean, but proving that in a learning portfolio can be tricky. Here I've included a simple worksheet that allows students to fill in vocabulary words, as well as a simple activity in which they can discover whether objects are translucent, transparent, or opaque using a flashlight.

It's a simple way to show learning in science!

Since these journals will also follow a progression of learning, you could also use them as a base to build your own curriculum! Just fill in the subjects with books from the library and youtube videos!

Here is another fun activity found in this journal - a texture hunt. Kids learn about different textures through the included poster. They then go on a texture hunt around their home or outside and find things that have certain textures. There's a blank one for them to fill in too!

I really hope that these can be a help in your home or classroom! I will be using them with my own kids too! More for cycle 1 (what we call grades 1 and 2 here in Quebec) and for grades 3-6 will come out in the coming weeks too!

To download this freebie just scroll down below the picture!
**Please remember that if you'd like to share this freebie, to share this page and not the google link. But please do feel free to make printed copies for your class or friends - just please leave my URL ( on the pages. Thank you so much!**

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