Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pokeball Beanie Hat

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  So this is how the pokeball hat came out! I made the applique with my pattern and made a simple beanie hat pattern too for my son and he loved it!I already have the pattern for the pokeball applique on here so I'll  put up the beanie pattern here for now.You can either sew on the pokeball or you can be a little quick (and lazy) like me and hot glue it on! ;)
WW yarn in color of your choice (around 3.5 ozs - a bit less)Hook size H/8
Pattern1) Chain 3    Join with slip stitch to form a ring2) Double-crochet 10 times in ring, slip to join3) Now double crochet two times in each stitch (you'll have 20 stitches)4)  *Double crochet in the first stitch, then do two double crochet in the next*. Repeat from * to * all around. Slip stitch with first stitch to join. (you'll now have 30 stitches)5) *now, double crochet in the first TWO stitches once, then double crochet in the next stitch twice.* Repeat from * to * all around (you'll have 40 stitches)6) *double crochet in next THREE stitches once, then double-crochet in next stitch twice* Repeat from * to * all around.(now you'll have 50 stitches)7) *double crochet in next FOUR stitches once each, then in next stitch twice* repeat from * to * all around (then you'll have 60 stitches). If this hat is for a child, stop here adding increases here, and continue to the next step. If it's for someone a bit older, add a few more rounds of increses (the stitch where you double crochet twice) and add one stitch between it  each time ( for example, in the next round, you would double-crochet in the next four stitches once, then double crochet in the next twice)8) Now, double crochet once in each stitch around. Keep doing rounds of double-crochet once in each stitch until you have the desired length of your hat. Then fasten off and add the applique if you like :)So that's the completed hat pattern Hope you like it and use it well!I'll be posting my second mug-cozy soon :)Debbie