Friday, March 20, 2020

Free Princess Play And Write Printable Set For Learning And Play

Hello everyone!
I'm really hoping you're all doing well and keeping calm during this crazy time ❤
I know for us it's been a bit of a wild ride, but we're getting through it day by day.

I love seeing how many teachers are putting out freebies and home education packs for kids suddenly forced into learning at home. As a homeschool mom of ten years, I know the first few YEARS of homeschooling with planning are tough, so I can't imagine having to be thrust into it so suddenly.

I have been wanting to put out some freebies I've been working on too to try and help out as best as I can, and I hope you enjoy what I have planned. Today, it's a fun writing freebie for any kids who are into princesses.

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This princess pack has everything you'll need for your little writers in elementary, and is a lot of fun! I've included 3 levels of writing pages, along with some fun color-in story pictures that can be glued onto the writing pages.

But that's not all! I've also included a fun playset to go with the writing pages that can help keep your kiddo busy for a while and inspire play! It can be set up in a folder as I've set it up. Just print it out, laminate it or cover pieces with clear packing tape, and use some velcro dots or tape to hold the pieces in the folder. You could also use a bag or envelope taped inside to hold pieces.

A great way to incorporate this set into your day would be to have a 'fairy tale' day. You could either read princess stories, watch princess movies, or find some fun princess sing-along videos online. 

My six-year-old's finished story. The cool man is the frog 😂

I've also included a whole sheet of play and learning ideas to go along with this pack. It's full of simple ideas you can do at home with little supplies.

I really hope you enjoy this pack as much as we are! Let me know if you love it on social media (see my pages to the side) I'd love to hear about it. You can also send me any suggestions you may have for future freebies!

Please be sure to share this page (not the download link) if you're sharing this freebie!
Please be sure to share this page (not the download link) if you're sharing this freebie!