Friday, December 9, 2022

Free Multiplication Teaching Kit -All You Need to Teach Multiplication

 All You Need to Teach Multiplication in One FREE Kit

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In January my youngest daughter will be ready to learn multiplication! Although we started a little bit last year we never really dove into writing equations and practicing facts - just learning what multiplication was and how skip counting can make counting collections easier (want to teach counting collections? see my freebie here!)

That is why I came up with this little unit! It has everything you'll need in it to teach multiplication when your child or class is ready to learn the concept.

Teaching Guides, Videos and Online Multiplication Games

Inside the unit, I have included some very simple teaching tips and guides on how to use some of the components of the unit. I definitely recommend starting with skip counting (you can use the included skip counting posters) if you have not already taught this. After that, you can begin with the simple array mat and worksheets included, then progress to equations.

I have also included links to video explanations of multiplication if you'd like to use those, and some free online multiplication games that can be used as practice.

Skip Counting Posters

As noted above, I've included skip-counting posters. You can use these to practice skip counting, and could also use them as an aid to help kids figure out multiplication problems. For example, if they are using the array sheet or an equation sheet and trying to figure out what 5 x 6 is, they can use the 5's skip counting poster to help them count.

Multiplication Flashcards

The included flashcards can be used in a few ways. You could use them alongside the worksheets or mats to pick equations or use them for fact memorization practice. I definitely recommend getting in some good practice with visuals like the array sheet included or this free one before you jump into only writing equations though. The visual part of math is so important as kids progress into more complex math concepts.

Worksheet Practice

I have included a few options for practice here, as well as a link to my blog for more practice freebies (like my very popular Hot Air Balloon Multiplication). In the unit, there are blank array worksheets, an equation worksheet you can use alongside the cards, and multiplication wheels (these are great for pasting into notebooks!).

Download the Free Kit

You can download this free unit by clicking the link under the photo below! I hope you and your learners enjoy it!