Friday, November 18, 2022

Free Addition Regrouping Unit for All Elementary Learners


Free Addition Regrouping Unit for All Elementary Learners

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For some kids, math concepts come pretty easily. Most of us were taught to add numbers with regrouping using the standard algorithm - carry the tens (or hundreds or thousands) and add. For some people however, understanding this concept can be tricky. For MANY kids, understanding WHY we are carrying numbers over to other columns can seem downright confusing. This is where I found myself a few weeks ago with my youngest kiddo.

While she could certainly solve a problem using regrouping, she just wasn't understanding WHY we need to regroup when we add. In so many curriculums, especially homeschool curriculums it seems, the explanations just don't go far enough for some kids.

That where I hope this unit can help!

Obviously, we all want our kids and learners to be able to add using the standing algorithm ... eventually. So while I love the technique of showing kids how regrouping is done with place value blocks and other tools, there's a big bridge to gap between this and writing and solving an actual equation on paper.

While it definitely will benefit younger kids to spend more time with hands-on activities, I made this unit in hopes that it can be a middle ground between math concepts. It starts off very simple - by explaining what a digit is and how it is a single symbol.

Next, it goes into breaking numbers down into tens and ones. Examples are given with both equations, charts, and place value blocks. 

Finally, the unit dives into adding with regrouping by asking kids to think about what happens if we add 1 to 19 when adding vertically?

The unit then gives plenty of examples and "together work" (whole group) and some individual practice too. I have also included blank pages and manipulatives that can be used during the lessons.

The unit is 50 pages long and can be divided up into a few days or a few weeks of work, depending on where your kid(s) is in their learning journey. It is an open-and-go type unit in a workbook format that can be printed out and either spiraled together or put into a binder.

It even has a fun cover page that your kids can decorate!

If you'd like to take a look at the unit, be my guest - it is absolutely free! You can download it by clicking on the link under the image below. I do plan on creating a subtraction unit in the coming weeks too for when we (my kids and I) get to that! Hopefully before the new year.

Enjoy! And please remember that if you would like to share this resource, share the link to THIS BLOG OR POST, NOT THE GOOGLE DRIVE. You may print copies to share as well as long as my website name stays in there. Thank you!

Download the FREE regrouping Addition Unit Here