Thursday, March 26, 2020

Free Printable Multiplication Practice Book

FREE Multiplication Practice Pack

Hello again all! I hope you're all staying healthy and keeping safe. No matter what your current situation, I hope these freebies are helping you just a bit too!

Today I'm sharing a freebie for the older elementary kids, a free printable multiplication book. It has great visuals to help your kids multiply, and has tons and tons of practice too!

I'm pretty sure most of us remember having to memorize multiplication tables in school. I certainly remember standing in front of my third-grade teacher, Mrs. Vamos, while she called each of us up to (quietly) tell her a new times table every week. She would give us a sticker afterward if we improved (even if we struggled) I still remember those darned numbers to this day😂

All that being said, practice is important! It just goes to show how much memorizing things like addition and times tables can help kids later on. Even if it doesn't make perfect (as my very wise third-grade teacher knew!), it certainly can help kids as they move along into older grades. So as my middle daughter is beginning to learn times tables in her own math lessons, I thought this freebie might help some of you as well!

On each page, I've included some 'bits of help' so kids can see visually how to times tables are done. I've included pages for each individual table from 1-12, and also some 'mixed practice' pages for once kids have gotten through studying all the tables.

The mixed review pages include blank spaces for kids to make their own counters.
You could slip it into a page protector or dry erase sheet to make it reusable too! You could also make them into a book or laminate them for extra practice.

If you use them, let me know! I always love to see my resources being used by other families!
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