Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Free Quebec History Mystery: Iroquoians in Quebec: Where Did they live around 1500


Welcome to another  History Mystery! If you want to see more, check out my free history resources page here!

If you're struggling to get your kids interested in Quebec history, I hear you! Whether you're a homeschooler or teacher, teaching the very specific history outlined by the Quebec Education Program is a requirement - but that doesn't mean it has to be boring or out of a textbook!

These History Mysteries are a series I began just a few weeks ago in order to help my own kids and others meet the requirements of social studies in Quebec. Stay tuned - there are more to come!

As a homeschooling mom, I have a definite interest in not only teaching my kids the true history of our province but in sharing what I know and have discovered with others. I decided to make these super easy and short history units for my own children and others to use in order to meet the requirements we need - without our kids hating history! I truly believe history is something to learn from - not to be delegated and memorized. History and social studies can teach us how to move forward in the future by learning from the past.

These short units focus on one single topic - in this unit it's all about where the Iroquoian nations lived around the year 1500. This covers several progressions of learning in the Quebec Education Program and will help your learners understand the concept without feeling overwhelmed or overworked. The unit can be done over one day or split into longer intervals, but only requires one paragraph of reading.

You can easily follow along by scanning the QR code with your phone or tablet, or by clicking on the included link. Then, your learners will answer some questions to show what they have learned, making it simple for you to include in their portfolios!

You can download this freebie below by clicking on the link under the image. I hope you and your learners enjoy and that it brings you some peace in your homeschool or classroom!

Download The Free History Mystery Unit Here!