Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Free Phonics Program Unit 2 - CVC AN Words and Sight Words

 Free Phonics Program Unit 2 
CVC AN Words and Sight Words

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Unit 2 is here!

I hope my Let's Get Reading! Phonics Unit 1 has been helpful for you and your readers! Reading is such an important skill that everyone should have the ability to learn. I'm looking forward to releasing more units in the coming weeks too!

In this unit, the focus will be on CVC (-an) words, like man, can, and van. Your readers will also learn some new sight or heart words to help them read sentences quicker (if you're following a SOR-style or heart words approach to sight words, kids will learn the phonics rules for these later on)

These units follow the same pattern with each new one so that your learners will not have to deal with learning new activities each week. Posters can be displayed or projected for practice every morning, while cards can be used as practice at home or with partners.

Of course, we want our kids to actually use the reading skills we teach them, so they'll get plenty of reading practice in these units too! There are shorter and longer options for readers at different levels, and I've included both with and without illustrations.

The sentence strips have great cues for readers on them too! These use words from previous weeks as well so that students are always practicing learned skills.

Centers are included for practice and fun too! There is a flip and cover center in which students choose a word card and find that picture on the page. There is also a sight word BINGO game and a build-a-word center for extra practice.

I have also included worksheets for extra practice in reading and spelling too! There are missing letter worksheets, sight word writing, drawing a sentence, writing and drawing a sentence, and a dictation page that you can use if you'd like to dictate words or a sentence.

Download the free Phonics Unit below!

You can download this free phonics unit by clicking on the link below - it will take you directly to a Google Drive file. From there, you can download or print the file. 

**You may use and distribute this product for FREE in your homeschool, classroom, or school, but you MUST leave my website name as it is on each page (MessyBeautifulFun.com). If you'd like to share the digital file directly, please direct people to this blog page and not the Google Drive link. Thanks!**