Sunday, November 3, 2019

Turkey Tastic Sight Word Printable Packs With 220 Words For Reading Readiness!

Teaching my kids sight words has been one of the most beneficial things for their reading. I started teaching them sight words before phonics, and it gave them the confidence to keep going and want to study phonics later on.

I also started teaching them sight words pretty young once I felt they were ready - around 3 or 4 years old. Once kids have a few words down they can even begin reading simple sentences. But we didn't spend hours sitting at a desk reading the sight words school-style, we had fun!

That's why I love making sight word resources! You might have seen my Valentine Sight Word Pack before, and its games like that which can make learning fun for little ones.

So with Thanksgiving just around the corner, I decided to make a Sight Word game with a turkey theme.

I've included all 220 Dolch sight words in these packs, along with a fun bonus if you buy all 5 in the bundle! You can buy the individual packs for just $1.50 each in my TPT store, or you can get them all in the bundle for just $5 (that's a $2.50 savings overall!)

Here is a look at each pack:
  • Pre-Primer (preschool)
  • Primer (kindergarten)
  • First Grade
  • Second Grade
  • Third Grade
Although the Dolch sight words come in ordered lists by grade, you can start teaching them whenever you feel your child is ready. In a classroom setting, it's helpful to go through them sequentially and see which kids need help with certain words or sounds. Although they don't need to know phonics before sight words, the two can be taught at the same time.

In each Turkey-Tastic pack, you'll get the sight word flashcards along with three different styles of recording sheets. 

The included recording sheets are:
  • Read It, Build It, Write It Mat
  • Handwriting Page
  • Write The Room Page

There are a ton of fun ways to use the Read It, Build It, Write It Mat! You start by placing one of the turkey flashcards at the top of the page. Students can then build the words using magnetic letters, letter tiles, letter beads, or even build them with objects (like we did with mini blocks!)

Write The Room is one of my kids' favorite games to play during school! I hide the cards around the room and give them their lists. They then go around the room trying to find them and writing down the words they find. You can also laminate the sheets to make them reusable. If smaller kids don't want to write, they can just walk around reading the words and putting a checkmark or using a bingo dotter in each space.

The handwriting page can be used in a few ways. Younger kids can write or stamp the words, while older kids can write the words or even make a sentence with them. They're also great for spelling or dictation practice with sight words.

The bonus in the bundle is a DIY Flashcard sheet. Each card in this set has no words, but a white rectangle in which you can write your own words! It's great for practicing letters with younger kids or phonetic sounds too.

This sheet is only available in the BUNDLE though. If you're looking to use all of the sight words, it's definitely worth the savings!



I really hope you enjoy this pack as much as we did!
And remember, you can buy each pack individually for $1.50, or buy the whole bunch for $5.

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