Monday, January 21, 2019

Printable Smoothie Shop Pretend Play Set

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Printable smoothie shop set for dramatic play, classroom fun and more!

For months now my littlest little (who just turned 5) has been pretending to make smoothies. I don't know why - we don't really drink smoothies around here often - but for some reason she loves them! She has actually been taking her little alphabet magnets off the fridge, dropping them into cups and pretending to make all sorts of drinks - cute, right?

And while I love her imagination, I wanted to make her a set that she could play with that would be a little more fun, and that her big sister would enjoy too. Enter my Printable Smoothie Pack!

I've included everything you'll need to have fun making pretend smoothies with your child - whether you want an all-out smoothie stand, or just to print out the fruits and shakes to play with.

It's also a great learning opportunity to talk about healthy eating, get to know fruits, vegetables, and colors, and even practice some counting, addition, and subtraction.

You'll get a cute little blender (that comes in 3 color choices) to blend your smoothies in.
We hang ours on the wall and the girls pretend to drop the fruits in it.

I've included menus with both made up prices and no prices so that you can enter your own. This would be great for practicing numbers you're working on, skip counting by 2's, 5's, or more, or money with cents included.

Kids can even have customers make up their own smoothies with the "make your own smoothie" card. One to hang up for a menu, and one to have the "customer" write on.
That's great for creative fun anf number writing practice, as my 5-year-old did below...

I love their writing practice at this age❤

But that's not all! There are also these fun recipe cards kids can use to make up the drinks on the menu. It's a great way to practice counting! And they can also make up their OWN recipes with the "make your own recipe" cards...

There are blank cards with little cutouts they can stick on. You can laminate these and use velcro dots to stick them, or you can leave them as plain paper if they want to save their recipes.

These recipes are great for addition, and even subtraction with the included coupons...

And of course the open and closed signs, and name tags!

We had so much fun playing it this past week!

The best part? You can grab this entire set for just $3! 

Get a copy in my Etsy shop here (no signup required) or my TPT store here (free account required)
Or pin for later...

I really hope you and your kiddos enjoy it as much as we did!