Thursday, March 26, 2020

Free Printable Multiplication Practice Book

Hello again all! I hope you're all staying healthy and keeping safe. No matter what your current situation, I hope these freebies are helping you just a bit too!

Today I'm sharing a freebie for the older elementary kids, a free printable multiplication book. It has great visuals to help your kids multiply, and has tons and tons of practice too!

I'm pretty sure most of us remember having to memorize multiplication tables in school. I certainly remember standing in front of my third-grade teacher, Mrs. Vamos, while she called each of us up to (quietly) tell her a new times table every week. She would give us a sticker afterward if we improved (even if we struggled) I still remember those darned numbers to this day😂

All that being said, practice is important! It just goes to show how much memorizing things like addition and times tables can help kids later on. Even if it doesn't make perfect (as my very wise third-grade teacher knew!), it certainly can help kids as they move along into older grades. So as my middle daughter is beginning to learn times tables in her own math lessons, I thought this freebie might help some of you as well!

On each page, I've included some 'bits of help' so kids can see visually how to times tables are done. I've included pages for each individual table from 1-12, and also some 'mixed practice' pages for once kids have gotten through studying all the tables.

The mixed review pages include blank spaces for kids to make their own counters.
You could slip it into a page protector or dry erase sheet to make it reusable too! You could also make them into a book or laminate them for extra practice.

If you use them, let me know! I always love to see my resources being used by other families!
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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Free Rock Cycle My Pet Rock Journal And Learning Pack!

I'm happy to say that I've got another awesome freebie for you today! This free "My Pet Rock" Journal is a great way to take advantage of the nice Spring weather without having to travel far. Although we're still covered in snow here, I've enjoyed seeing posts everywhere about kids getting out in backyards and still enjoying the fresh air and soaking up some vitamin D.

I am planning to release a few freebies in the coming weeks in hopes that it helps you and your kids beat boredom and learn together. I've already released my Star Wars and Princess Writing Packs, and you can check out my Freebies Page too for more fun! I've got some math games coming up, along with sight words resources and phonics games too that will all be free, so stay tuned!

I made this freebie especially with my niece in mind, who has been collecting a ton of rocks lately, bringing them home and painting them. It's something my youngest daughter also enjoys doing in warmer weather and I'm sure many of your kids do too.

So I figured I'd make it into a fun activity - with a little learning snuck in there too! Science credit, done! Here is everything that comes in the pack:

  • Play Ideas & Links to videos and crafts
  • Different Cover Pages In Black & White And Color
  • Types Of Rocks Poster
  • Rock Cycle Poster
  • Rock Cycle Information Pages
  • My Observations Covers In Black & White And Color
  • Journal Pages For Younger Kids/Beginner Writers
  • Journal Pages For Older Kids/Advanced Writers
  • My Rock Dictionary Pages Including Covers In Black & White And Color

All in all, you get a fun journal for your child to remember their favorite rocks, learn about types of rocks, and the rock cycle. All while making it into a fun nature walk/outdoor activity you can do in your backyard or neighborhood.

There are two types of journal pages, with one for beginner or less 'enthusiastic writers', and one for more advanced writers. Use the pages you think your child would enjoy most - remember, they'll still be learning!

The simpler page includes primary writing lines with only 3 things to write, as well as a bigger space for kids to draw a picture of their rocks or paste a photo. The other page has a few different things to write, including the features of the rock (what makes it a sedimentary/igneous/metamorphic rock) and how they found it.

I made the rock dictionary pages with some vocabulary and writing practice in mind. Whenever your child is reading about rocks, they can either record words they didn't know before or interesting facts they find.

I've also included both color and black and white versions of all the pages, depending on your printing preference! It's also a lot of fun for kids to color in the black and white pages, especially younger children.

You can download this freebie below!


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Keep safe, stay inside your bubble, and have fun!

Friday, March 20, 2020

Free Princess Play And Write Printable Set For Learning And Play

Hello everyone!
I'm really hoping you're all doing well and keeping calm during this crazy time ❤
I know for us it's been a bit of a wild ride, but we're getting through it day by day.

I love seeing how many teachers are putting out freebies and home education packs for kids suddenly forced into learning at home. As a homeschool mom of ten years, I know the first few YEARS of homeschooling with planning are tough, so I can't imagine having to be thrust into it so suddenly.

I have been wanting to put out some freebies I've been working on too to try and help out as best as I can, and I hope you enjoy what I have planned. Today, it's a fun writing freebie for any kids who are into princesses.

Don't forget to check out my Star Wars freebie too! Get it Here!

This princess pack has everything you'll need for your little writers in elementary, and is a lot of fun! I've included 3 levels of writing pages, along with some fun color-in story pictures that can be glued onto the writing pages.

But that's not all! I've also included a fun playset to go with the writing pages that can help keep your kiddo busy for a while and inspire play! It can be set up in a folder as I've set it up. Just print it out, laminate it or cover pieces with clear packing tape, and use some velcro dots or tape to hold the pieces in the folder. You could also use a bag or envelope taped inside to hold pieces.

A great way to incorporate this set into your day would be to have a 'fairy tale' day. You could either read princess stories, watch princess movies, or find some fun princess sing-along videos online. 

My six-year-old's finished story. The cool man is the frog 😂

I've also included a whole sheet of play and learning ideas to go along with this pack. It's full of simple ideas you can do at home with little supplies.

I really hope you enjoy this pack as much as we are! Let me know if you love it on social media (see my pages to the side) I'd love to hear about it. You can also send me any suggestions you may have for future freebies!

Please be sure to share this page (not the download link) if you're sharing this freebie!
Please be sure to share this page (not the download link) if you're sharing this freebie!

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Free Star Wars Writing Set For Beginner to Intermediate Writers

My oldest daughter is a huge Star Wars fan. She started getting really into the series just a few months ago when we had a family movie-a-thon before the newest chapter, Rise of Skywalker, came out. We watched all 8 previous movies over the course of a week and then hit the theater the weekend after seeing the new movie. Since then she has been reading and watching every Star Wars book and show she can get her hands on.

Seeing as how this particular kiddo is also a bit of a reluctant writer when it comes to writing in our homeschool, I decided to encourage her creativity a bit by making her this set. I also made it for her younger sister, who, although she's not a huge Star Wars fan, wants to do everything her big sister is doing.

And I've decided to share this set with all of you! Your child can make up their own Star Wars story using the movie characters, settings, and more.

There are a few levels of writing lines in this set, including primary sized lines and smaller lines for older kids. There are also different levels of story elements. The first having simpler story elements to choose from, including a character, setting, and action. This is a great choice for beginning writers who would only want to write one or two sentences (ex: "Luke Skywalker walked around Tatooine. He saw the suns.") Then, there are other elements added on in other pages such as times.

I've included general times of day, as well as some clocks with time to the hour - a great way to practice telling time too!

I've also included an extra writing page for older kids who would like to write more, as well as an illustration page for kids to make their own picture(s) on to include with their story.

There is even a background page if you'd like to go writing-free and just let your kids' creativity fly. You can cut out the characters and glue them onto sticks to make them into little puppets.

I really hope you and your kids enjoy this set!


And coming soon...a Frozen writing set for free too!

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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Turkey Tastic Sight Word Printable Packs With 220 Words For Reading Readiness!

Teaching my kids sight words has been one of the most beneficial things for their reading. I started teaching them sight words before phonics, and it gave them the confidence to keep going and want to study phonics later on.

I also started teaching them sight words pretty young once I felt they were ready - around 3 or 4 years old. Once kids have a few words down they can even begin reading simple sentences. But we didn't spend hours sitting at a desk reading the sight words school-style, we had fun!

That's why I love making sight word resources! You might have seen my Valentine Sight Word Pack before, and its games like that which can make learning fun for little ones.

So with Thanksgiving just around the corner, I decided to make a Sight Word game with a turkey theme.

I've included all 220 Dolch sight words in these packs, along with a fun bonus if you buy all 5 in the bundle! You can buy the individual packs for just $1.50 each in my TPT store, or you can get them all in the bundle for just $5 (that's a $2.50 savings overall!)

Here is a look at each pack:
  • Pre-Primer (preschool)
  • Primer (kindergarten)
  • First Grade
  • Second Grade
  • Third Grade
Although the Dolch sight words come in ordered lists by grade, you can start teaching them whenever you feel your child is ready. In a classroom setting, it's helpful to go through them sequentially and see which kids need help with certain words or sounds. Although they don't need to know phonics before sight words, the two can be taught at the same time.

In each Turkey-Tastic pack, you'll get the sight word flashcards along with three different styles of recording sheets. 

The included recording sheets are:
  • Read It, Build It, Write It Mat
  • Handwriting Page
  • Write The Room Page

There are a ton of fun ways to use the Read It, Build It, Write It Mat! You start by placing one of the turkey flashcards at the top of the page. Students can then build the words using magnetic letters, letter tiles, letter beads, or even build them with objects (like we did with mini blocks!)

Write The Room is one of my kids' favorite games to play during school! I hide the cards around the room and give them their lists. They then go around the room trying to find them and writing down the words they find. You can also laminate the sheets to make them reusable. If smaller kids don't want to write, they can just walk around reading the words and putting a checkmark or using a bingo dotter in each space.

The handwriting page can be used in a few ways. Younger kids can write or stamp the words, while older kids can write the words or even make a sentence with them. They're also great for spelling or dictation practice with sight words.

The bonus in the bundle is a DIY Flashcard sheet. Each card in this set has no words, but a white rectangle in which you can write your own words! It's great for practicing letters with younger kids or phonetic sounds too.

This sheet is only available in the BUNDLE though. If you're looking to use all of the sight words, it's definitely worth the savings!



I really hope you enjoy this pack as much as we did!
And remember, you can buy each pack individually for $1.50, or buy the whole bunch for $5.

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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Spin And Find CVC Words Printable Pack

CVC words (consonant-vowel-consonant) are a great way to get your kids started reading phonetically once they've gotten down their letter sounds. Reading simple three-letter words like "cat" doesn't require any tricky blends and can give kids confidence to better their reading in future lessons. They'll know that they're starting to read, which is exciting, so they'll be more eager to learn the next level of reading.

My youngest is at this stage now and I find reading simple CVC words to be a lot of fun. However, like everything else, reading from the same beginner books all the time can get a little boring. So I love making up games for us to use and practice our CVC words with.

Enter my Spin And Find CVC printables! This printable set comes with two different versions of educational play. It also comes in either color or black and white. The worksheets can be done independently in the classroom as literacy centers for older readers or done close together with beginning readers. They can also be played in teams, using different colored markers or dot markers.

You can even laminate them and use them over and over again as practice centers for the entire class. Here is a closer look at what they're like...

There are 10 different sets in total, each in color and black and white versions. You can choose to either play with the word spinner or the picture spinner.

Playing with the word spinner, kids can spin a word, read it, and find that picture on the dot page. They can dot it with a dot pen, place a marker on it, or even color the picture in.

In the picture version, kids can spin a picture, find the word and dot it. You could also use both the picture spinner and picture page or word spinner and word page to play a matching game. Whichever way you play, it's a fun way to practice reading!

Each set is grouped by vowels and has 8 words to learn. These words use the "short" vowel sound (the letter sound, not the name, so "aah" for A)
Get The Spin And Find CVC Pack Here On TeachersPayTeachers

In the "A" set you'll find these words: 
  • rat
  • map
  • bat
  • can
  • jam
  • cat
  • bag
  • hat

In the "E" set you'll find these words:
  • net
  • web
  • ten
  • bed
  • hen
  • jet
  • wet
  • vet

In the "I" set, you'll find these words:
  • win
  • zip
  • bin
  • lip
  • pin
  • bib
  • dig
  • pig

In the "O" set, you'll find these words:
  • dog
  • box
  • fox
  • hop
  • top
  • mop
  • pot
  • hot

In the "U" set, you'll find these words:
  • gum
  • hug
  • bug
  • bun
  • tub
  • sun
  • mud
  • cut

I always love to see how you use my resources, so be sure to tag me on social media if you do! I just might send you a thank you gift!

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Monday, September 23, 2019

Free Printable Montessori-Inspired Tally Marks Posters

We have been using The Good And The Beautiful Math for our two youngest, in levels K and 2. One of the things I love the most about this curriculum is that it includes a lot of art and nature, and how it correlates to math. For example, with our older girl Kiwi, we learned about tesselations and how we can find them in nature.

My girls made a "stick bridge" last fall.

One lesson coming up this week for us in level K is all about tally marks. It's an important part of any kindergarten math curriculum because it's a great way to practice substituting and estimating numbers.

The lesson has an idea about going on a nature walk and collecting sticks to practice making tally marks. I thought this sounded like the best idea! We've been using a lot of Montessori-inspired materials in our homeschool this year because I want to incorporate more of the natural world in everything our kids do. And so I instantly fell in love with this lesson.

I also thought it would be handy to practice our tally marks further with some posters showing sticks. We'll be bringing it on our walk to use as a reference. There is a version with number words, as well as a version with numbers. I also threw in a number word version in French and Spanish!

You can also take a look at the full tally marks with twigs bundle I've made in my Etsy and TeachersPayTeachers shops. Right now it includes these posters and three-part cards and costs just $3. In the next few weeks, I'll be adding in dominoes, clip cards, a matching game, and some tracing worksheets to practice writing tally marks. The price will go up each time I add something in, so but if you buy the pack now the additional products will be yours free!

I am making these available for free because I hope they'll be a help in your homeschool too!

You can get the free posters by clicking HERE or the link below. I really do hope they bring some fun and joy into your math curriculum.