Monday, October 2, 2023

Free Repeated Addition to Multiplication Lesson and Worksheets

Free Repeated Addition to Multiplication 

Lesson and Worksheets

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Kids following most math curriculums will typically spend the first 3 years learning about addition and subtraction. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that when we throw in a completely new symbol, many kids get stuck. Teaching multiplication doesn't have to be scary though, or even take up a lot of time. As soon as kids realize exactly what multiplication is, it becomes a whole lot easier for them to get to know their facts and tables.

In this open-and-go lesson, you'll take your learners step-by-step from addition to repeated addition, to multiplication! The lesson slides or pages keep it super simple with easy explanations and real-life situations. It will go over what multiplication is, what the symbol for multiplication is, the commutative property of multiplication, and how to use skip counting and/or strategies to multiply.

Your learners will get plenty of practice too! Not only is practice built into the lesson, but I have included an easy-to-use center and worksheets for you as well. These can be used with markers or manipulatives when placed inside a plastic page protector or laminated. We also love to use them with dice or a spinner. Just have kids spin for the numbers and fill them in.

Download for free below!

You can download this lesson and practice unit by clicking on the link below. All I ask is that when sharing this resource with others, please share the link to this blog post, not the Google Drive! You may distribute paper copies of this resource for FREE or store it for use in your school's resources so long as my website name remains on each page. You may NOT distribute this resource for any profit in any way. Thank you!

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Free Phonics reading Program Unit 1 CVC Words -AT Word Family

 Free Phonics Reading Program 

Unit 1 CVC Words -AT Word Family

Teaching kids to read can feel downright daunting! whether you've been teaching for a while, are a homeschooling mom, or just beginning your teaching journey, it's a tricky skill to pass on. While we as adults may know how to read, how did we get here? How do we get our kids here? I'm happy to tell you that it is totally possible and you, yes you, can do it!

This first unit is part of a new free program I will be releasing over the coming year that will bring kids from knowing letter sounds to reading fluently! Read on below, or scroll down to the bottom to download it!

This unit includes everything you need to get started - all your kids need to know before starting are their letter sounds. They should know them well! 

This unit starts by teaching kids 5 high-frequency words (sight words, or heart words) as well as some words following the word family -at (like cat, bat, sat, etc.)Cards, posters, and sentence strips all have colored dots underneath them to help kids learn to slow down and sound their words out. Have your littles point to each dot using their finger or a pointing stick as they read the word. They may need to sound it out quite a few times before they realize what the word says. 

I do give a teaching plan in this unit as a suggestion. I suggest starting with just the word cards (without pictures) so students focus on the words instead of just guessing.

I've included two versions of sentence reading activities using the high-frequency words and word family words. You'll find a sentence strip version using only words, as well as a picture version showing visuals. It's up to you to decide how to use them and in which order depending on your curriculum needs or goals.

I have included a few centers as well that are great for extra practice sounding out these words. These can be used in groups or as an individual activity and are a great way to move around while learning. These can be used throughout the week for class-time practice.

You'll also find some great worksheets for every day of the week to practice both word family words and high-frequency words. These are great to do during learning time or as homework practice. Kids always love the fun clipart on many of these too!

I always recommend reviewing these sheets together once the kids have completed them. It's a great way to gauge whether or not everyone understands how to sound out the words and what they mean.

You may also wish to use the write-a-sentence page at the end of the week, having your kids use the word cards to build sentences. They then write and illustrate them. There is also a dictation page included if you'd like to dictate a sentence.

Download the Free Phonics Unit Below

You can download this free unit by clicking on the link below and pressing the download button in the top right corner of your screen. 

**You may share this resource for FREE with others so long as my website name remains on every page. You may NOT resell this resource in any way. If you'd like to share this with others, please send them to this blog, not the Google Drive page. Thank You <3**

Saturday, September 9, 2023

NEW! French Read, Spell and Write Unit 4

NEW! French Read, Spell and Write Unit 4

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I am so happy to be releasing the fourth unit in this multi-week series today that will cover weeks 7 and 8 of learning to write in French!

If you have French Second Language writers who are struggling to jump from writing vocabulary words to writing full sentences, then this program is for you! In this unit kids will learn about prepositions, the verb 'to be' in French, and so much more!

Lesson Plans, Scripts & Dictations! Oh My!
Each of these French units lasts a total of two weeks. This gives your kids the chance to really get to know the rule and the words they are learning without feeling too rushed. But don't worry about your learners just writing words without context on a page - this unit gets them really putting their OWN unique sentences together!

In unit 1-3 (weeks 1-6), students will have gone from writing very basic sentences (Il y a un chat) to, in this unit, writing 3 sentences on their own or from a word/picture prompt. Since they've had plenty of time to build these skills, they'll be able to look at a simple picture or photo and write about it. 

They will also continue to learn about the verb ĂȘtre (to be) in the present tense and how to properly use it. I've included a teaching script you can follow, as well as rule posters to display and give out, daily dictations, student reading booklets, and a lesson plan or rhythm you can follow.

Worksheets, Quizzes and More!
In these units, learners will also practice identifying masculine and feminine nouns (this rule was learned in weeks 1 and 2), reading sentences, writing sentences, and correcting grammar mistakes in sentences.

There is a worksheet to do everyday (3 days per week) and a weekly quiz to use on the fourth day. There are also daily dictations that you can read aloud and have students write down on the included dictation sheets. This is a great way to get students writing too!

Learning from previous weeks is also spiralled into each week, so rules and words are not forgotten.

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You can also download a FREE 2-day sample of weeks 1 and 2 here.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Free French Fall Autumn Vocabulary Unit With Writing and Practice

Free French Fall Autumn Vocabulary Unit 
With Writing and Practice

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It's almost my FAVOURITE time of year again - Fall! Autumn, Fall, whatever you call it, it's a beautiful season to spend outside, especially if you're blessed enough to live surrounded by deciduous trees! I love to teach everything there is to teach about Autumn, which is why I am so excited to share this free French Autumn Vocabulary unit with you!

25 French Vocabulary Words & 7 Phrases

We LOVE fall activities around here - apple picking, pumpkin picking, nature walks and bird watching. So I've really tried to include all of this wonderful vocabulary into this French unit. It includes 25 vocabulary words with or without articles (un/une) and 7 phrase cards that kids can use in their writing.

Student Vocabulary Sheets & Practice

Of course, while having the vocabulary to use and look at is great, we want our learners to also APPLY that vocabulary. So besides using the vocabulary in our everyday lives and classes, there are plenty of ways for learners to practice the vocabulary words. These include drawing the phrases, writing the words using picture clues, and dictees, and filling in the missing articles.

French Vocabulary Writing Practice

You'll also find some writing opportunities in this free French vocabulary unit! Kids can choose from two different options for different levels and learners. The vocabulary words can be used to write about things they see in Autumn, using one of the 'En automne, je vois' pages - younger kids can make a list using these, and older kids can use some descriptive writing if they have the vocabulary. The second set of writing sheets is great to use along with the phrases included in this unit. Kids can write about what they do or have done in Autumn - it's a great way for older students to practice verb conjugation too! (If you need help conjugating verbs, you can check out my free verb unit here)

Download the FREE Unit Below

**Please do not share the direct link to the Google Drive, but a link to this post instead. This FREE resource may be shared for FREE, used in online teaching or in-person teaching in schools or homeschools so long as my website address ( remains on every page. You may NOT sell this unit for a fee or distribute it as your own work. Let's keep education free and accessible to everyone! Thank you**

Friday, August 25, 2023

Free French Verb Book Pouvoir Reading and Writing Unit

Free French Verb Book Pouvoir
 Reading and Writing Unit

Are you trying to teach the French verb pouvoir to your learners? Then this free printable unit is just the place to begin! With everything you need to teach the verb, its meaning, and how to use it in the present tense!

Teaching French verbs may seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. These units keep it simple with fun books, simple writing exercises, and conjugation sheets for older learners too.

Free French Verb Book 

All of these units contain a similar French verb book that uses the verb in present-tense sentences. It's a great way to introduce the verb with colorful illustrations (a black and white version is also included) as sentences that most beginners can read.

These books can also be used as dictation sentences to practice the verb. After learning these sentences, you could even have students make their own sentences, replacing the subject and adding a verb of their choice to the sentence. 

French Flashcards and Writing Sheets

Having plenty of practice with verb conjugation is important for all ages and stages of learning language. But it doesn't have to be boring! These units come with fun illustrated writing prompts for younger learners, and easy cut-and-paste journal prompts for older learners.

Conjugating Pouvoir Practice

Older learners who are being taught this lesson will benefit from the included conjugation pages. These are great for practicing the verb in any tense. They include conjugation practice as well as a place for students to write their own sentences and illustrate them to show understanding.

We often use these as unit tests for our younger learners, but older learners could benefit from using a different tense every day of the week. It's also a great way for students to make a verb dictionary of all the conjugations they have learned that they can refer to when writing.

Download the Free Unit Below!

You can download this free verb book by clicking on the link below.  **Please do not share the direct link to the Google Drive, but a link to this post instead. This FREE resource may be shared for FREE, used in online teaching classrooms or in-person teaching so long as my website address ( remains on every page. You may NOT sell this unit for a fee or distribute it as your own work. Let's keep education free and accessible to everyone! Thank you**

Free French Verb Book Vouloir (to want) and Writing Unit

Free French Verb Book Vouloir (to want) 

This new Free French verb unit will teach kids all about using the verb vouloir, which means to want. 
It includes writing and reading or the present tense, as well as conjugation practice for your older learners.

Verb Books to see the verb in use

All of these units feature a mini book showing the verb unit being used with different pronouns (Je, tu, il, elle, nous, vous, ils, elles) and different activities. It's a great way to introduce the verb and have students practice using it in sentences. It could also be used as a dictation exercise while learning the verb.

I like to start a new verb unit by reading the book together on Monday, then having my kids read it on their own. We then go over what every sentence means and talk about how the verb changes in the present tense. During the week we use the sentences as dictation practice (I read them out loud and they write them down), then I'll have them use the conjugation sheet as a test at the end of the week.

Writing Prompts

Besides just writing the verb down over and over again, a very important part of learning to use the verbs comes with using them in actual sentences. That's why these units contain different prompts for different ages and levels. They're very simple and in the present tense, but give your learners a chance to use the verb to speak about themselves or someone else.

Conjugation Practice & Flashcards

As I said above I like to use these sheets as weekly tests for my younger learners. The conjugation sheets can be used for any tense as they have a blank line for you to fill in or have your learners fill in to show which tense to use.

The sheets have a place for students to practice conjugating, write a sentence using the verb, and illustrate their sentences to show their understanding.

Units also have a set of flashcards showing the verb in the present tense.

Download the Free Verb Book below!

You can download this free verb book by clicking on the link below.  **Please do not share the direct link to the Google Drive, but a link to this post instead. This FREE resource may be shared for FREE, used in online teaching classrooms or in-person teaching so long as my website address ( remains on every page. You may NOT sell this unit for a fee or distribute it as your own work. Let's keep education free and accessible to everyone! Thank you**

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Free Quebec History Unit 3 For Grades 5-6 Quebec Around 1980

 Free Quebec History Unit 3 For Grades 5-6

Quebec Around 1980

Quebec Around 1980

The last unit to cover the first of 3 competencies in the Quebec History curriculum for grades 5-6 focuses on the province of Quebec around 1980. In this unit, students will explore the Quiet Revolution, the 1980 referendum, and more!

As always these units come with a TON of options to do them online, offline, or a mix of both.

Online Class Slides

With upper elementary students in grades 5 or 6, allowing them to complete some of their work independently online has so many benefits. They learn to do proper research, they learn to use the internet safely with your guidance, and they learn to close read texts on a computer screen - an important skill for many future jobs!

In these units, students will be given a 'compass' to explore Quebec society around 1980. These links have information that will help them cover all of the progressions of learning for the competency Knowledge Related to the Organization of a Society in its Territory - a requirement in Quebec whether you're homeschooling or a classroom teacher.

Comprehension question pages allow students to show what they have learned and prove that they did read the texts. Instead of using the online comprehension sheets, students could use the printable student booklet contained in the Google Drive folder if they prefer to write their answers by hand.

To download the Google slides, click on the link at the bottom of this page that says 'Quebec Historical Expeditions Unit 3 Google Slides' and click on 'make a copy' to make your own copy for personal or classroom use. From there you can make additional copies for all your learners or classes.

Printable Options

The printable options included allow you to use the unit completely offline, or customize however you'd like. You'll find a few options in the Google Drive Folder.
  • A printable text booklet with all of the information from the web pages for students who work offline
  • A printable student answer booklet to answer comprehension questions offline
  • A PDF version of the slides that can be used in a PDF editor to write in on a tablet
To download these options, head to the link below and click on 'Download Printable Options'

A Fun Component

I'm a big believer in gamified learning - where kids earn a reward for completing a task. I know that when I have something to do that I do not really look forward to - laundry let's say - I always like to think of something I can do afterward to reward myself, like listen to a podcast or make some fresh tea. We all feel a little more incentivized when we're given a perk! So in these units, I've included a fun way for kids to get rewarded - collecting map pieces.

Every unit comes with a unique piece that they add to their original master map. You can choose how many pages of a unit your learner must complete for them to collect the piece. Every piece shows what time period or subject they covered in history, so that by the end of these units they'll have a complete map to show off for their learning portfolios! Both printable and digital options have maps and map pieces.

Covering the Quebec Progressions of Learning

Whether you are a classroom teacher or a homeschooling parent, knowing that your learners have covered the progressions of learning is a must. As a big requirement in Quebec, it is something we all have to prove our students have learned. So I have made it really simple to keep track of this by listing the progressions in each digital and printable unit.

Want a free checklist of these progressions? Click here!

Download the Units Below!

To download these units, click on an option below - or both options! You have my permission to use these in your homeschool, co-op, school, or classroom so long as my website name remains on each page and my credit pages remain in the back of each printable or digital unit. If you would like to share these with a friend or on your website, please share a link TO THIS BLOG POST and not directly to Google Drive. Thank you!