Saturday, July 13, 2024

Free French Vocabulary Book - Clothing - les vêtements

 Free French Vocabulary Book 

Clothing - les vêtements

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This vocabulary book goes with part 7 of my French Read Write and Spell curriculum!

Teaching a new language requires that we give our learners plenty of practice! Not only do they need to learn the language conventions, grammar, speaking and phonetics, but they need to learn plenty of vocabulary too.

That is why I began to include these vocabulary reference books in my French writing curriculum. Not only do they make great reference material, but they can be used to make spelling lists, flashcards, and more!

In this booklet, you'll find everyday clothes, seasonal clothes, and accessories. I tried to really cover every type of clothing that most people wear, but if something you regularly wear is not in there, I've also added blank pages so that you can add your own words and drawings.

You can download this freebie below. Enjoy learning and teaching <3

Friday, July 12, 2024

New French Read, Write Spell Unit 7! Mettre and Replacing Pronouns

New French Read, Write Spell Unit 7! 
Mettre and Replacing Pronouns

 It's here! The next unit in my French Read, Write & Spell Curriculum! I know many of you have been waiting for it, so here it is - and the next unit isn't far behind!

This next unit focuses on teaching another irregular verb and teaches learners how to replace personal pronouns (like tu, il, nous, etc) with proper nouns (like names). It's an important step to learn before jumping into regular verb conjugations (which we'll begin in unit 8).

As I mentioned, in this unit students will learn to take a personal pronoun like "ils" and replace it with names like "Ben et Lilli". This helps your learners understand that 

"Ben et Lilly vont au parc"

is the same verb conjugation as

"Ils vont au parc"

I've included practice cards to help cement this concept and it is also practiced throughout the 2-week unit with worksheets and dictations.

Like all my French read, Write & Spell Units, this one comes with plenty of practice! You'll get a word reference sheet for yourself and your learners to reference as well as flashcards to practice them or to hang them on a word wall.

You'll also receive 2 weeks of worksheets and 2 quizzes to help your learners practice the concepts they learn in this unit and spiral in what they have learned in past units. By now your learners are writing some great descriptive paragraphs! In this unit, they'll continue that by describing a photo of clothing.

This unit includes a new vocabulary reference book too! It lists clothing words that your students will use in their activities and with the verb 'mettre'.

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Free French Pyramid Reader for Beginner FSL Learners: Level A

Free French Pyramid Reader for Beginner FSL Learners: Level A

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Learning to read new words in a new language can be tricky, especially when your learner doesn't know many sight words to begin with. That's the magic in these French pyramid readers - they are a great way to practice reading as well as comprehension and vocabulary!

Have you been using my Free sight word unit? If so then your learner will recognize many of these words and learn some new ones too!

If you've been using my French Read Write & Spell curriculum then your learner will know most of these words already!

This free French unit contains 20 pyramid sentence readers. Learners will start by reading the first word at the top of the pyramid, then add words as they go down. This a great way to practice reading in French and learn some new words as well. 

I have used these with my own kids over the years and they pick up so many new words by just reading them out loud every day. 

I've also included a way to practice some writing and comprehension! You'll find every reader comes with a copywork sheet in which your students can illustrate and copy the sentence, as well as a dictation sheet so that you can have them write the sentence down as you read it aloud.

Download the Free French Pyramid Readers here!

This level is perfect for learners just beginning to read in French, or even kids with no French background.

Enjoy learning and stay tuned for more French units coming up!

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Monday, June 24, 2024

Free French Curriculum Unit: How to Say and Write the Date in French

 Free French Curriculum Unit: 
How to Say and Write the Date in French

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Teaching a second language like French can seem overwhelming at times. Sure, you can get some vocabulary cards and learn a bunch of vocabulary words - and that is an important part of learning. But actually putting those vocabulary words into use (and remembering them!) can be tricky. That is why after so much looking throughout the years I began to create French lessons for my own kids. There just wasn't anything out there that taught the rules, words, and grammar in a way that would stick!

This unit, saying the date in French, is the first of these that I'll be sharing. In this unit, kids will learn how to say and write the date in French. They'll also learn to speak about yesterday's and tomorrow's dates, memorize the names of the days of the week and months of the year, and learn to recognize and say the numbers 1-31 in French. On top of that, they'll learn important rules too.

I know how overwhelming it can seem to teach French as a second language, even f you're already familiar with it. That's why I always like to make detailed lesson plans for myself. Inside this unit, you'll find 12 days of instruction in English to teach these French skills. These lessons are easy to use - like a script you just read aloud. Some include dictations to use along with the included worksheets, and many come with posters to show rules to your students.

The lessons are meant to be done over 3 weeks, 4 days per week, but you can adjust them however you'd like. I've also included French practice pages that you can use beyond these 12 days to ensure your learners remember the important skills they've learned.

I believe that writing things down is an important step in committing things to memory. There have been plenty of studies demonstrating this, and I can say for certain that it has helped my students in learning French as well. Although it can feel repetitive for learners, it's also an important step in getting those vocabulary and sentence structure rules down.

I've included 1-2 worksheets for each lesson along with some tests that you can use to assess your learner's progress. I have also included an answer key. If you feel they need to spend more time on a certain concept then you can slow down and practice that more. I have included some extra practice materials that you can use to do so. Once your learners are ready you can move on to the next lesson.

There is an entire section of this unit called 'extras'. These are materials you can us in addition to lessons, for struggling learners, or for spiral practice throughout the year. I've included posters to hang as reminders, a date journal students can use throughout the year, a simple board game, flashcards, and reference materials for student's notebooks or binders.

Download the Free French Date Unit Here!

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Free French Vocabulary Book: Places and Outings

Free French Vocabulary Book: 

Places and Outings

Psst! This freebie pairs perfectly with my French Writing Curriculum - See it here!

I just released the sixth part (weeks 11-12) of my French writing curriculum - and I love hearing all about how you've all been using it! Not only does it take kids from writing vocabulary words to full sentences in just 2 weeks, but it progresses them to writing full paragraphs, teaches grammar rules, and those French verbs!

In this unit, I decided to start including vocabulary reference books to help learners expand their vocabulary even more. The best part? I am going to make these reference books free to download! I do hope you give my writing curriculum a try, but even if you don't feel free to use these guides in your own homeschool or classrooms!

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

New French Unit! Part 6 of the French Writing Program

Read, Write & Spell in French! 
Part 6

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Have you been following my French writing program? Then you'll be happy to know that weeks 11 and 12 are here! 😁😁😁

In this unit, students will learn about using the verb 'voir' in the present tense, learn new sight words, and expand their vocabulary even more with a brand new feature!

As with all of the previous units, these 2 weeks will be full of practice, practice, practice! Students will do a daily dictation, a daily worksheet with writing and verb conjugation practice, and have a weekly quiz too!

I have included everything you need including an answer guide, translations, and lessons that you can read aloud like a script.

You'll also notice a brand new addition to this unit - a vocabulary booklet! This 20-page booklet features vocabulary words that are all about places to go and see - in nature, in the countryside, city, and more! Your learners will be able to use this book to write even more! 

Future units will contain similar vocabulary guides. They're not only a great way to expand vocabulary, but a fun way to teach your learners how to use a reference guide in the future. They're easy to print since they are in black and white, but could also be used on a tablet if you're trying to save on paper. They can even be hung on the wall so that you can practice vocabulary every day!

 Every week in this program has spiral review mixed in from previous weeks too so that your learners always remember what they have learned before. I think you'll also love how much writing you'll see your learners do in this unit - they will have come a long way in just 12 weeks of lessons!

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Thursday, March 14, 2024

Intermediate FSL French Writing Unit 2 - My Favourite Restaurant

Intermediate FSL French Writing Unit 2 
My Favourite Restaurant

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Learning to write in French is crucial for FSL (French as a Second Language) students. Proficiency in writing allows students to effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas in French, enhancing their overall language skills. Writing in French also provides students with the opportunity to practice grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure, leading to a deeper understanding of the language.

Through French writing, my own kids have been able to extend their vocabulary and understanding of things like verb tenses in French and grammar. That is why I began making these units for them so that they can easily continue to practice their writing without my constant help. After they write their rough draft we go over it together, correcting any grammar or spelling mistakes and reviewing those grammar rules as we go on throughout the year.

My Favourite Restaurant

When I asked my kids what they would like to write about this week, one of mine suggested writing about their favourite restaurant. I thought that was such a great idea and such a fantastic way to practice using many adjectives and the verbs 'manger' and 'aimer' (to eat and to like)

Kids begin by drawing their ideas down and labelling them in French. This is a great way to get all of their ideas out without stressing about grammar or sentence structure just yet. To help them along I have included a list of sentence stems and vocabulary words too...

Vocabulary Sentences and Words

As my kids progress in their French writing beyond basic sentences and vocabulary, I find they still need vocabulary refreshers often. So I have included a vocabulary list with both vocabulary words related to the topic of 'my favourite restaurant' such as 'le menu', but have also included sentence stems like "Je commande toujours...(I always order...)" and verbs such as 'je mange' and 'je bois'.

French Writing Pages
Finally, students will write a rough draft on the 'mon brouillon' page, and a final copy on the 'ma copie propre' page - with an option to draw a picture or perhaps paste a photo.

These units are short and to the point, but such an easy and fun way to get in some French writing practice alongside grammar usage, especially for those all-time-consuming French verbs :)

Download the Free French Writing Unit Below!
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