Monday, December 5, 2022

Free Quebec History Mystery 7 - Did the Iroquoians Have a Structured Government?

It's another History Mystery! 
Want to see the previous units? See this page!

If you've been following my history mysteries then you'll be happy to hear that number seven is here! 
In this unit, kids will learn about the organization of the Iroquoian nations and how they elected a government. They will also learn about Donnacona, an Iroquoian chief who was taken back to France by Jacques Cartier.

As always, these units come with easy-to-use research links for kids and parents to read. There are 3 QR codes included, or written links. All 3 pages lead to the very safe Learn QC website - a great resource for Quebec history that is absolutely free!

Learners will read a few short paragraphs about how the iroquoian nations organized themselves and their government, how longhouses were organized, and how chiefs and leaders were elected. This covers quite a few progressions in the progressions of learning under the Quebec Education Program.

Next, students will 'solve the mystery' by answering questions on the given worksheets. The questions are simple enough for them to fill out with short answers but show enough learning to be a great portfolio resource.

They often also include diagrams and maps so kids can show off their comprehension and reading skills too!

Once they fill out all the worksheets, they can choose to earn a badge! My own kids like to display these on our dining room wall - yours might like to glue them into a notebook, paste them in their room, or just keep them inside their units.

Inside this unit, you'll find a small bonus project! Kids can write a short one-page biography on Donnacona. The questions are simple (who, what, where, when) but this would be a great way to learn about writing a biography (and what it means), and a great sheet for their portfolios.

I have provided two links you can use to read more about Donnacona's story than is given on the Learn QC site. (CBC Education and WIkipedia). You can choose to use other resources too, but sadly not much is known about Donnacona and his life before and in France, so there is really not a lot more information out there.

Just like the other units this one has a few pages of maps and diagrams that can be used to hang on your wall to remember what you've learned or to be used as reference. I always try to give a color and black and white version of each.

I do hope you and your learners enjoy this new unit! Download it below by clicking the link under the image - all I ask is that when sharing this resource, please share the link to this blog or page, NOT the google drive link! Thank you!

Download History Mystery 7 Here