Thursday, October 15, 2020

STEM Art Curriculum Bundle: A Look Inside!


It's HERE!
The Ultimate STEM +  Art Bundle is live today, and I am so excited to share it all with you here. 
There is honestly SO MUCH included in this bundle, I found it hard to narrow down which photos to show you! But I feel like these ones below (created by Danielle Hansen, creator, bundle maker extraordinaire, and blogger at The Brilliant Bungalow) highlight a good lot of what is included.

Remember: You can get a FREE Bundle Guide Here! This gives you a link to EACH product sold in the bundle so you can preview as many as you'd like (they are all included in full in the download when you purchase the bundle. The links are just for previews)
You can buy The Bundle Here
You can message me on Instagram with any questions you have about the bundle

There are over 3300 pages included in the bundle and over $800 worth of content for just $25!
This comes from over 40 authors and shops and features educational content for ages 0-14 that can be used for YEARS to come. I know I'll be using so much of it this year, and in future years too for coding, engineering, science, art, and more!

I've divided the photos into categories below. Enjoy your tour of the STEM + Art Bundle bundle!

STEM Resources



Art & Imagination