Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Free French Verbs Book and Unit

 Free Printable French Verbs and Writing Sheets

Are you hoping to help your child learn to speak or write in French this year? Then I have got some GREAT French units for you - and more coming too! You can see all of the units on my French units freebies page here!

Verbs are an important part of language - no matter which you are speaking! Learning the verbs in their infinitive form (stem form) is an important first step in language learning for sure. Once you know the base word, it makes it simpler to conjugate later on.

That is exactly why I made this unit for my own kids - and am now sharing it with you!

One of the best (and most fun!) ways we practice French in our homeschool is by learning new words every week - verbs, adjectives, and nouns. We learn what they mean in English, then string them together into sentences that make sense. From there, we conjugate the verbs into the tenses we want and I let my kids choose their favourite sentence and draw a picture of it in their notebooks.

We re-read these sentences all the time (they get pretty silly!) and have a lot of fun doing this - and I hope that you can too!

--pictures coming soon of how we use this unit in our homeschool--

I have included everything a beginner French learner will need in this unit to build a sentence using these verbs. (coming soon - adjective and noun units!)

-Conjugation charts and some quick tips on how to conjugate

-Verb cards in full colour in all 3 groups (-er, -ir, -re)

-Writing pages to practice writing some sentences with simple prompts (ex: What are you doing?)

-Translation Guide

I hope that this unit makes teaching easier for you and your learners! 

Stay tuned for more French units coming soon.

Download this freebie below...

Download French Verbs Unit Here

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