Tuesday, June 28, 2022

New French Vocabulary Printable Freebie - La nourriture - Food

 Free French Vocabulary Unit - La nourriture - Food

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If you are trying to help your child(ren) or learners learn French, then starting with some simple vocabulary words and phrases is a great way to start. Food is something we deal with every day - most of us do eat at least 3 times per day!

Every time you cook, eat or even buy food at the grocery store, you have an opportunity to include some French vocabulary in your day. 

I made this unit, just like my clothing unit, to include as many vocabulary words as possible while keeping things easy. Every word is divided into food groups. Each vocabulary word also begins with the correct pronoun to make a sentence with it.

For example, instead of just writing 'la tarte' you will find 'de la tarte'.

This is so that your learners can make actual working sentences with these words, like

"Aujourd'hui j'ai mangé de la tarte" - "Today I ate some pie"

This is a great way to teach vocabulary words in French because it takes your learners beyond just parroting words and into actually using them.

That is another thing that I have included here - sentence writing prompts!
Your learners can use the included pages, or you could just the stems and write them on a blackboard or whiteboard for them to answer in their journals.

There are two prompts 
  • Qu'est-ce qu'ils mangent? (What are they eating)
  • Qu'as-tu mange aujourd'hui? (What did you eat today?)
Each page also comes with an optional sentence starter.

You'll also be happy to find translation pages if you're not already  French speaker, or do not know a lot of French yet. As long as you know basic pronunciation rules, you'll be good to go!

I also have made a small sheet of some useful words and phrases to use in sentences such as "et" (and) and names in French for meals.

I do really hope this unit helps you and your learners learn some new French vocabulary and ways to express yourself en français

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