Wednesday, August 22, 2018

FREE Printable: Alphabet Candyland - Learning Upper and Lowercase Letters Through Play

One of the most difficult obstacles for some kids to overcome before learning to read is recognizing letters. The concept that a capital 'G' and a lowercase 'g' are the same letters can seem confusing to early readers - and that's understandable! Most capital and lowercase letters look nothing alike!

So to help teach that concept to your kiddos (and mine!) while having fun, I made up this Alphabet Candyland Game.

Just like the real Candy Land, it features colored squares with corresponding colored cards that you draw from a pile.

The difference in this version is that each colored tile on the board has a capital letter on it. When a player lands on a letter, they must find the corresponding lowercase letter card to move on!

Without feeling too much like they're 'doing schoolwork', kids can learn to play cooperatively, identify colors, and of course, recognize lowercase and uppercase letters. And it's just so much fun to play!

Download your own free copy below, complete with printable rules, game board, color cards and alphabet cards. If you are going to share this download, please link to THIS page and NOT the download link - Thank you! And let me know how much fun you had below in the comments, or throw me a photo on Instagram @debbiejeanmcmullen.

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