Friday, March 25, 2022

Free Math Curriculum Plot the Coordinates and Graphing


Free Plot the Coordinates Math Center
Learn to plot points on a coordinate plane

This freebie is part of my new freebie page on this blog! I hope you enjoy! You can see the rest of the freebies here or by clicking the menu link above!

Welcome to another math freebie!

This one is all about the coordinate plane. Plotting coordinates is an important part of upper elementary and middle school - but it can be taught at any age. In fact, it can even be fun! Making pictures by connecting dots, playing a battleship0type game, or trying to guess someones coordinate cards - you can do all of these with this free math center.

This set comes with some free pre-made coordinate cards, but it also comes with some blank cards so that you or your kids/students can make your own. The idea is to flip over 4 cards and plot them on the graph. But you can use any of the ideas above with this set too! 

Laminating it to use it, again and again, is a great idea, or you can print out a few copies to use in a math journal.

However you use this math center, I hope you and your learners enjoy it!

You can grab this freebie here!

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