Thursday, April 14, 2022

Free CVC WOrd Family Cards for Fun Phonics Practice

 Free Printable CVC Word Family Cards

Teaching kids to read begins with a strong foundation in phonics and piecing words together with letter sounds. After learning letters and their sounds, CVC words are a great way to get kids to read simple words without guessing.

CVC words stand for Consonant-Vowel-Consonant words. For example, the word c-a-t. They are the foundation of many reading programs and are a great way to start helping students identify vowels and consonants too. Stringing together three sounds that students have learned, it makes it easy for them to identify what the word is and give it meaning or context. 

I made these fun CVC cards that can also be used as 3-part-cards. You can cut the bottom word off from the picture and have kids match them up. It's great to get them to READ the word first without just guessing what it says based on the picture. First, they read the word. Then, they find the matching picture.

I also put the word family sounds in the corner of each card so that they're easy for educators to keep organized! I don't know how often I've had a bunch of resources put out and gotten them all mixed up!

You can download these cards for free using the link below!

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