Thursday, June 23, 2022

Free French Worksheets - Clothing - Les Vêtements Color and Write Book


Welcome to another great FREEBIE post! This one is a new subject I am adding to my educational arsenal - French!

Where we live in Quebec, Canada, we are required to learn French in our homeschools and schools. Since the official language of the province is French it is an important skill to start teaching our kids at a young age - it is something they will need when they're older and want to work or even just communicate in everyday life.

I started designing these vocabulary books (more coming soon!) to use with either beginner language learners or as reminders for our more advanced kiddos of some basic vocabulary while they're writing or speaking. 

Each booklet comes with a cover and some vocabulary pages. On each vocabulary page, you'll notice a little 'm' or 'f' in the corner. These stand for 'masculin' or 'feminen' in French. Nouns in French are given genders, and there are no super-defined rules for which kind of noun has which kind of gender, so it's important to have kids read and write down plenty of nouns to learn this rule.

Feminine nouns will have the pronoun 'la' or 'une' in front of them. If there is more than one it will be 'des' or 'les'

Masculine nouns will have the pronouns 'le' or 'un' in front of them, or the plurals 'des' or 'les'.

The really great thing about these books is that they come with pages that teach your learners to write in French! In this book, you'll find the last few pages offer 3 options.

  • A coloring page with a girl asking What is she wearing? And a place to write an answer. 
  • A coloring page with a boy asking What is he wearing? And a place to write an answer
  • A coloring page asking WHat are you wearing today? And a place to draw and write an answer.
All of the pages have the beginning of the sentence written in. You could use these for writing, but also for speaking. After getting dressed every morning, you could ask your child "Qu'est ce que tu portes aujourd'hui?" And they could answer you "Aujourd'hui je porte une robe et des chausettes" .

I have also included a translation page so that you know what all of the words and phrases mean!

As with my other freebies, you can download this freebie instantly from Google Drive below! All I ask is that you share the link to THIS blog post or blog when sharing this resource - not the Google Drive link! 

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