Sunday, June 5, 2022

Free Situational Math Problem for Grade 1 or 2

 Free Situational Math Problem (Quebec Education Program-aligned) for Elementary Cycle 1 (grades 1 or 2)

Have you ever heard of a situational math problem? Chances are if you have, you live in Quebec, Canada! A situational problem related to mathematics is basically a large problem for students to solve that uses many different skills they have learned in math. It allows kids to practice deciding which skills are best to use and helps them to sort through lifelike situations.

Although these problems are pretty unique, they can be used by anyone! Not only are they great for practice, but they help students think differently - as opposed to a problem-solving question with just one solid answer. Situational problems, like this one, can have many solutions that are correct. It all depends on if students follow what is asked of them, and figure out a good solution.

I made this freebie because these problems, although a HUGE requirement in our provincial curriculum, are seriously difficult to come by! This would make a great addition to a classroom lesson, especially if you're working on a farm unit! It would also be perfect for homeschoolers looking to add a situational problem to their portfolios! And yes, it includes a sample answer key 😉

Stay tuned for higher grades to come :)

Grab this freebie below the graphic below! All I ask is that you share the link to my BLOG when sharing this freebie, NOT the google drive! Thank You so much!


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