Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Free Science Journal 8: Precipitation

Free Precipitation Weather Science Journal

Rainy days jumping in puddles, snowy days rolling snowballs, and foggy days spent wandering the streets as explorers - what do all of these have in common? They all deal with different types of precipitation!

Learning about different types of precipitation is an important scientific concept, especially for kids in grades k through 2. This free science journal goes over all the basics and includes fun projects to help show students learning too!

If there is one subject that I know my kids always love to cover in science it is weather. It is something we deal with on a daily basis, so learning about and experimenting with weather always feels familiar and fun.

This precipitation unit talks about different types of precipitation and explains what the word means. It also includes a simple worksheet and 2 fun projects that kids can do to show what they have learned.

The first project includes 2 optional parts. First, learners will leave a container outside and measure precipitation for a day. Next, learners can measure precipitation (rain or snow, etc) over one month or just check off days that there was rain, snow, hail, etc. They can then award a 'winning week' - whichever week had the most precipitation.

I hope that you and your learners love this one! It covers the Quebec progression of learning for Science and Technology (Earth and Space) that states "Describes different types of precipitation (rain, snow, hail)"
But of course, it can be used by any age group anywhere in the world!

Download this science unit for free below!
All I ask is that if you would like to share it, please link to this blog page or post. Thank you!

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