Friday, August 5, 2022

Free Science Journal: Everyday Technology

 Free Printable Science Journal
Everyday Technical Objects

When we think about technology nowadays, most of us tend to think of electronics. Computers, smartphones, tablets, TVs, and smart technology has taken the forefront of that topic! But have you ever sat down and thought about who invented a shopping cart and what going to the store was like before they had them? Or have you ever brushed your teeth at night and wondered how different life would be if we still only swished water around our mouths to clean them? (yuck!)

Small inventions like these are still pieces of technology, but oftentimes we don't give them much thought. They're just there and part of life. But long ago, someone thought of these things. They thought of these things to make life easier, more comfortable, and healthier. 

Pointing these things out to our kids is not only fun but can get their own wheels turning. What could they make that could make life easier? How do inventors invent these things? How would my life be without a spoon?

This unit was made to cover the progression of learning in grades 1-2 that covers the topic of Systems and Interaction - Everyday technical objects. But I think it is such a fun topic to explore with our learners! I honestly can't wait to explore this one with my own kids. I can see us spending plenty of time with a few books on inventions and videos on who invented what :)

Like my other science journals, this one is free! Although it is aimed at the progression of first and second grade, feel free to use it with learners of any age. I will be with my 8 and 11-year-olds. 

As always I have included some worksheets to show their learning, but have also included a fun project and a writing page where kids are encouraged to think of their own 'everyday' inventions.

You can download this unit for free below...

Download The Free Science Journal HERE

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