Saturday, October 8, 2022

Free Science Curriculum: My Body for Grades 1-2

Free Science Unit Human Body Systems
For Grades k-2 (elementary cycle 1)

 Have you seen all of my other free science journals? You can check them out here!

I am happy to bring another easy-to-use and free science journal to my science journal collection! Following the Quebec Education Program's learning progression, these journals are made especially for Quebec learners, but can be used by anyone, anywhere! 

They are simple introductions to concepts that are written with the younger age levels of grades k-2 in mind. My hope with these is that they will not only help you fill up your homeschool portfolio every year, but that they will introduce your child to concepts and gets them excited to learn more about them however you choose - through videos, books, or other units. These units cover the bases so that you know your child is on par with the basics required in public school.

This unit is all about the human body and covers the first progression for Living Things in elementary cycle 1 (grades 1-2), which is:

 "Describes the functions of certain parts of the anatomy (e.g. limbs, head, heart, stomach)"

So in this unit, I have included some simple diagrams and explanations about different systems of the body and how they work - since I do consider your kiddos already know what their limbs and head are ;)

Like most concepts taught in cycle 1, it goes into more detail in later grades. The science concepts taught in cycle 1 are meant to introduce students to the simple ideas that make the world around them work. In fact, the only science competency required to teach during these first 2 years is "to explore the world of science and technology" - how fun!

I have, of course, also included some easy and fun worksheets to show what your child has learned that can be put into their portfolio. Some sheets are simple drawing or matching options, while others require some writing or dictation. You can choose to do just one of them or to do them all and stretch the unit out over a few days or weeks. Whatever your learning goals for your child(ren) and whatever their level of learning, it's simple to make these units work for your homeschool.

This journal is the twelfth science unit I have made for cycle 1 elementary. There are 6 more progressions to cover after this which will probably be condensed into 4 more journals for a total of 16. This means that if you use 8 per year you will cover ALL of the progressions for cycle 1. Since these units are short and to the point, that's not difficult to fit in.

I hope this unit helps you in your homeschool or class! You can download the free journal below by clicking on the link under the image. All I ask is that if you wish to share this resource, you share the link to this blog, not the google link directly. Thank you!

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