Friday, November 4, 2022

Free Fictional Narrative Writing Unit for Grades 3-4 (Cycle 2 elementary)

Free Fictional Narrative Writing Unit for Grades 3 and 4 (Elementary Cycle 2) 

Have you ever sat down with your learner to write and felt like you had no idea where to begin? These writing units will help you guide your child through the writing process of writing a fictional narrative - a made-up story!

Kids LOVE to make up stories - whether they do it on paper or by playing with toys or with friends and siblings. They love to imagine different worlds, make up characters, and create in-depth story lines - sometimes it's just difficult for some to put that on paper.

That is where I hope these units will be helpful! 

If you are a homeschooler and your child has never written a story before that they have revised and edited, then this unit is perfect for you! Even if your kiddo has been through the writing process before, this unit makes it super easy to show your child's writing in a learning portfolio, or help prepare them for more formal writing later on.

The unit is made to be printed like a workbook, so it's best to have a copy for each kid. It also includes some writing paper at the back in case you need it. 

Starting Out

Kids will start by learning about what a fictional narrative is. I definitely recommend you go through this portion with your kiddo, unless they are a really advanced reader and you think they'll understand it. It would also be great, as I mention in the 'How to use this unit' page that you have a fictional book on hand that your child really enjoys. That way, you can point to examples in that book to show them as they revise their own writing.

Planning the Story
After learning what a fictional narrative is, kids will need to choose whether they want their story to be realistic or unrealistic. After that, they can either choose to use one of the writing prompts included in the unit, or they can make up their own.

Then comes the planning! Kids will map out their story (the beginning, middle, and end) and then create a setting and characters. 

Revising & Editing

After this, they'll be ready to write their first draft. Once they have their story down they will be encouraged to add a great beginning to their story (a lead) and then add in some dialogue. I recommend using these revising pages as they are easy to implement and won't take your child much time. Absolutely plan to use them on a different day than they write their story though - it's always best tp look at it with fresh eyes!

Finally, kids will edit and publish their story by retyping or writing it, then sharing it with you or a friend.

You can download this free unit by clicking the link below - all I ask is that when sharing it you share the link to THIS blog or page, NOT the google link. Thank you!

And enjoy learning!

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