Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Free Math Unit Partitioning Shapes and Early Fractions

 Free Math Shape Partitioning and Fraction Kit

I have another wonderful math kit for you this week - a perfect release before my free fractions kit comes out soon!

This unit is all about partitioning shapes, an important first step in teaching kids about fractions. It's a quick unit, but a full one. It includes simple explanations, task cards and a hands-on activity, worksheets, and even 3 problem-solving questions for your kids to solve!

Take a look...

The first part of this unit will review the basics of plane figures (2D shapes). It includes a simple poster that shows different types of basic shapes and explains what sides and vertices are. 

The unit then dived into using basic shapes to build other shapes with some fun task cards and shape pieces. You could, of course, use your own pattern blocks, but if you do not have any on hand your kiddos can use and color the included ones. They may even like to glue them into a math journal or make more pictures with them afterward. 

The reason for teaching this concept is so that children can see how a shape is built and how it can be divided into different shapes. This will help them partition shapes now and understand fractions better later on in their learning journey.

After this, learners will explore the basics of dividing a shape into equal parts, halves and fourths. They'll get their first look at what a written fraction could look like and what a drawing looks like. When teaching this unit, do not focus too much on the written fraction (eg 1/2 or 1/4), but instead focus on what it means to divide something into equal halves or equal fourths/parts.

To reinforce these concepts I have included a few different worksheets.
  • Partition the shapes into halves
  • Partition the shapes into fourths
  • Colour in the fraction of the shape (eg two fourths)
  • 3 problem-solving questions
I really love these types of problem-solving questions because they give kids a chance to show their understanding. They are asked to not only write an answer but also to draw their answer to prove their thinking. This is not only a great math skill but a way for you to assess if they lack understanding in any area of the unit.

Of course, just as in my other math kits I have also included helpful links to videos that explain these concepts to kids as well as online practice games so that they can practice them anytime!

I really hope that you and your kids enjoy this one and that it helps you in your homeschool or classroom! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. 

**If you would like to share printed copies of this unit, please feel free to do so as long as my website address remains on the pages. If you would like to share the digital copy, please send them over to my blog - I really appreciate every visit!**

Download this freebie using the link below:

Download the free Partitioning Shapes Math Kit here

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