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French Sentence Writing Unit for Beginner Learners

 French Sentence Writing Unit for Beginner Learners

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Whether or not you're familiar with the French language, teaching kids to write in another language can be daunting! Much of the time, we start by teaching vocabulary and simple phrases - and while that's all amazing, if we ever want our kids to actually write in French they need to be able to build proper sentences - and then string sentences together into paragraphs.

This unit is the perfect place to start if your child has not written in French before or are only just beginning to. It is how I taught my youngest kids to write in French just a year and a half ago, and now they have gone from writing sentences to paragraphs!

Common Words and Nouns
When it comes to common words in language, it is important for kids to memorize these words and how to use them in sentences. Words like I, you, he, she, in front of, behind, a, the - we use them every day. One of the best ways to learn these words is through exposure and consistency - basically using them almost every day. 

This unit includes 162 word cards - most of which are sight words kids can learn. The rest are nouns that are common in our everyday lives that they can add to sentences.

So while 'c'est' (it's) and 'un' (a) might be common words, adding the word 'chat' can turn them into a sentence - "C'est un chat" - It's a cat. 

Every card includes the English translation so that your kids can start by building sentences with those words, and eventually barely need to look at them.

Worksheets for writing and learning
I have also included several worksheets that will help your kid(s) begin to write and use French vocabulary more.

First, there are two sheets where kids can write the sentences they have made using the cards. You can include your own vocabulary words in here too to make even better sentences.

Next, there are sheets for dictations. You could dictate either single words or sentences for them to write down, seeing how well they remember the spelling as well as what the words mean. Afterward, you can go over their writing together and review words if necessary.

Finally, I have included 'My dictionary' page and a page of blank cards where they can keep track of new words they want to add to their sentences. This will be perfect for introducing new vocabulary units and words they learn through reading or speaking.

Quick guides for teachers and parents
I wrote a quick introduction to the unit and how you might use it if your child (and yourself) and not familiar with writing in French. Take as much time as you need to go through each step, until you and your child feel confident expanding their writing.

Download the free unit
To download this unit, simply click on the link below. It will take you to Google Drive where you can download the unit to your own computer or device.

**Please note: This free unit may be shared for FREE so long as my website name remains on every page that it has been placed. You may not sell or distribute this unit for a fee. If you'd like to share this unit online, please do not link directly to the Google doc, but send readers here with a link to this page. Thank you!**

Enjoy learning! 

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