Sunday, July 23, 2023

The Homeschool Preview Collection FREEBIES!


Hello my homeschooling readers!

I just wanted to make this post to let you know about a new FREE collection that is out right now that is giving away some incredible resource!

This 'free preview collection' is a great way to get ready for th eupcoming school year and features some AMAZING and FULL products that I know you're going to love - because I have been loving them myself!

This preview collection is meant to be a little taste of what will be coming in an upcoming bundle sale I am participating in this week - one that I am super excited about! The Homeschool Collection from HomeschoolResourceCo.

While the sale will be starting later this week, for now you can download some truly amazing freebies that will help you map out your school year! These include...

  • A 97-page homeschool planner printable
  • A Student Guide to Digital Projects (this is a course your kids can follow by picking their own digital projects to complete - super fun ones like creating a quote graphic on Canva through to making a virtual newspaper!)
  • Identifying Your Child's Learning Profile (this  course for parents helps you to create or prepare for a custom IEP/work plan for your child who may have some special needs.)
  • Why & How to do homeschool evaluations (this video course walks you through how to do your own evaluations to keep track of your child's learning - without those pesky state tests! This course includes a workbook and is definitely one I will be doing!)

You can download this freebie collection by clicking on any image on this page or by clicking on the link below.


Download The Free Preview Collection Here

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