Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Fraction Match! With Google Slides

 Fraction Match! With Google Slides

When it comes to first teaching fractions, teaching concepts first and foremost is most important. Learners need to know that a fraction represents an amount less than one, the names of the parts, and to see visual models and real-life models of what they look like.

But after these first crucial steps, it's also important for kids to begin to easily recognize a fraction model. Just as they learn to recognize and solve addition and subtraction facts, learning to recognize different fractional parts is important too.

These slides are a great way to get your students to practice this skill independently.

These slides include two different options. You can mix and match the two, or use the ones that suit your needs best.

In the first 10 slides, students will match fractions to the correct models. There are 5 on each page, so it's a quick way to get in extra practice without overwhelming your young learners.

The next 10 slides include words that kids will match to the fraction models. This is great for kids who struggle with problem-solving and will help them visualize the parts of fractions in problems.

There are plenty of different shapes for students to see too, which helps them broaden their perception of what a fractional part is, beyond just the regular circles and rectangles.

You can snag this set of slides in one of my shops using the options below. The entire set costs just $2! It's a great resource that can be used over and over again throughout the years and is easy to send out to students and assign.

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