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Free French Verb Book and Write Faire

Free French Verb Read and Write

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If I can remember one of the most painful parts of French class for myself in elementary school, it was definitely learning about verbs! My French teacher would post a big chart on the wall and have us read the same verb over and over...and over! Although it was great for memorization, I honestly at the time could never really visualize what those verbs meant. Why they sounded different when they were conjugated. How it's just like conjugating verbs in English.

That is why I began making these mini books for my kids a while back - and am now sharing them with you! Although memorizing the conjugations and endings of verbs is a very important part of writing in French, it's important for our learners to have a solid understanding of what that verb actually means and looks like.

Visualizing Verbs

These units all include a few similar things (you can see the rest of these units on my French page!)
  • Flashcards showing the verb in the present tense (other tenses will eventually be released)
  • A picture book showing the verb in sentences in the present tense (comes in both black and white and colour)
  • Writing pages for all ages to use the verb in writing
  • Conjugation practice pages that include using the verb in any tense in a sentence

Writing with Verbs

Using verbs kids learn in their writing is another important aspect of learning the basics of French verbs. Obviously, we want our kids to eventually achieve fluency in French in both writing and speaking, and it's never too early to begin!

These units include writing prompts for younger kids or kids who love to draw with illustrations or without. They also include journal prompts that can be used in student writing journals.

Conjugation Practice

Once learners are old enough and at a level where they understand the meaning of the verb and why it is conjugated, practice becomes super important! I've included two practice sheets in these units. One is outlined with the present tense, and another leaves the tense option blank so that you can fill it in or tell your students which tense to use. 

Both sheets have room to practice writing the proper conjunctions as well as space to write a sentence using the verb in that tense, and to illustrate their sentence to show they understand what they wrote.

Download the Free Unit

You can download this free unit by clicking the link below.
 **Please do not share the direct link to the google drive, but a link to this post instead. This FREE resource may be shared for FREE, used in online teaching or in-person teaching so long as my website address ( remains on every page. You may NOT sell this unit for a fee or distribute it as your own work. Let's keep education free and accessible to everyone! Thank you**

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