Friday, August 25, 2023

Free French Verb Book Vouloir (to want) and Writing Unit

Free French Verb Book Vouloir (to want) 

This new Free French verb unit will teach kids all about using the verb vouloir, which means to want. 
It includes writing and reading or the present tense, as well as conjugation practice for your older learners.

Verb Books to see the verb in use

All of these units feature a mini book showing the verb unit being used with different pronouns (Je, tu, il, elle, nous, vous, ils, elles) and different activities. It's a great way to introduce the verb and have students practice using it in sentences. It could also be used as a dictation exercise while learning the verb.

I like to start a new verb unit by reading the book together on Monday, then having my kids read it on their own. We then go over what every sentence means and talk about how the verb changes in the present tense. During the week we use the sentences as dictation practice (I read them out loud and they write them down), then I'll have them use the conjugation sheet as a test at the end of the week.

Writing Prompts

Besides just writing the verb down over and over again, a very important part of learning to use the verbs comes with using them in actual sentences. That's why these units contain different prompts for different ages and levels. They're very simple and in the present tense, but give your learners a chance to use the verb to speak about themselves or someone else.

Conjugation Practice & Flashcards

As I said above I like to use these sheets as weekly tests for my younger learners. The conjugation sheets can be used for any tense as they have a blank line for you to fill in or have your learners fill in to show which tense to use.

The sheets have a place for students to practice conjugating, write a sentence using the verb, and illustrate their sentences to show their understanding.

Units also have a set of flashcards showing the verb in the present tense.

Download the Free Verb Book below!

You can download this free verb book by clicking on the link below.  **Please do not share the direct link to the Google Drive, but a link to this post instead. This FREE resource may be shared for FREE, used in online teaching classrooms or in-person teaching so long as my website address ( remains on every page. You may NOT sell this unit for a fee or distribute it as your own work. Let's keep education free and accessible to everyone! Thank you**

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