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Learning Division Facts: A Free Workbook (Skip Counting Method)

 Learning Division Facts

 A Free Workbook (Skip Counting Method)

This free workbook will help your learners go from basic visual division using manipulatives to learning how to divide through skip counting. With fun illustrations, colorful pages, and loads of examples and practice!

Teaching kids to divide seems simple at first. If we have four things and want to share them equally, how do we share them? But when the numbers start getting bigger (144 divided by 12?) things get a little more complicated and using manipulatives just isn't as efficient.

In this workbook, kids will learn the basics of division using manipulatives, then progress to using skip counting as a means of dividing. 

Skip counting is just one of the methods that people use to divide. When you're trying to figure out how to divide your 100 garden seeds amongst 5 plots of land you might think "how many times does 5 go into 100?". This method of dividing is perfect for kids who are already familiar with skip counting or who have learned their skip counting from multiplication.

Using this workbook, students won't need to know all of their skip counting tables by heart either, just understand the concept of skip counting. Charts and help are provided inside the workbook to help them skip count.

As you can see in the image above, the workbook starts out simple with division using manipulatives. Kids cut out and divide cupcakes, dog bones, and pepperoni slices onto different things, learning through real-life examples. If your learner isn't familiar with division, you may want to spend a while on this concept first.

After learners know the basics of division, they move onto the skip counting method. Once again, real-life examples are used that kids can relate to, like baking an apple pie or sharing snacks with a soccer team.

Plenty of examples are given before students are expected to work on their own. Once they are ready to solve problems on their own, they can use the included skip counting chart or number lines to help them along. They'll be given an equation to solve and the option of writing their own problem to solve the equation.

Finally, plenty of practice worksheets are included that have handy skip-counting number lines at the top. Ordered facts as well as mixed facts sheets are included so that your learners can work with what works best for them. 

Each sheet also comes with two options - either writing a problem to go with an equation or modelling the equation. I recommend a mix of the two, or if you have students who do not like writing, you could always have them make up a problem out loud or in pairs.

Download the free workbook below

I hope that you and your learners enjoy this freebie! It helped my own kiddo learn division, so it's one that I really believe in.

You can download the workbook by clicking on the link below. All that I ask is that when sharing this workbook through print you keep my website name on the page and refer people to this blog post if they'd like to download it themselves. Schools are free to store it in a shared drive so long as my website name remains on the pages it is printed on.

Download Division By Skip Counting Workbook here

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