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Intermediate FSL French Writing Unit 2 - My Favourite Restaurant

Intermediate FSL French Writing Unit 2 
My Favourite Restaurant

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Learning to write in French is crucial for FSL (French as a Second Language) students. Proficiency in writing allows students to effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas in French, enhancing their overall language skills. Writing in French also provides students with the opportunity to practice grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure, leading to a deeper understanding of the language.

Through French writing, my own kids have been able to extend their vocabulary and understanding of things like verb tenses in French and grammar. That is why I began making these units for them so that they can easily continue to practice their writing without my constant help. After they write their rough draft we go over it together, correcting any grammar or spelling mistakes and reviewing those grammar rules as we go on throughout the year.

My Favourite Restaurant

When I asked my kids what they would like to write about this week, one of mine suggested writing about their favourite restaurant. I thought that was such a great idea and such a fantastic way to practice using many adjectives and the verbs 'manger' and 'aimer' (to eat and to like)

Kids begin by drawing their ideas down and labelling them in French. This is a great way to get all of their ideas out without stressing about grammar or sentence structure just yet. To help them along I have included a list of sentence stems and vocabulary words too...

Vocabulary Sentences and Words

As my kids progress in their French writing beyond basic sentences and vocabulary, I find they still need vocabulary refreshers often. So I have included a vocabulary list with both vocabulary words related to the topic of 'my favourite restaurant' such as 'le menu', but have also included sentence stems like "Je commande toujours...(I always order...)" and verbs such as 'je mange' and 'je bois'.

French Writing Pages
Finally, students will write a rough draft on the 'mon brouillon' page, and a final copy on the 'ma copie propre' page - with an option to draw a picture or perhaps paste a photo.

These units are short and to the point, but such an easy and fun way to get in some French writing practice alongside grammar usage, especially for those all-time-consuming French verbs :)

Download the Free French Writing Unit Below!
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