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Free French Curriculum Unit: How to Say and Write the Date in French

 Free French Curriculum Unit: 
How to Say and Write the Date in French

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Teaching a second language like French can seem overwhelming at times. Sure, you can get some vocabulary cards and learn a bunch of vocabulary words - and that is an important part of learning. But actually putting those vocabulary words into use (and remembering them!) can be tricky. That is why after so much looking throughout the years I began to create French lessons for my own kids. There just wasn't anything out there that taught the rules, words, and grammar in a way that would stick!

This unit, saying the date in French, is the first of these that I'll be sharing. In this unit, kids will learn how to say and write the date in French. They'll also learn to speak about yesterday's and tomorrow's dates, memorize the names of the days of the week and months of the year, and learn to recognize and say the numbers 1-31 in French. On top of that, they'll learn important rules too.

I know how overwhelming it can seem to teach French as a second language, even f you're already familiar with it. That's why I always like to make detailed lesson plans for myself. Inside this unit, you'll find 12 days of instruction in English to teach these French skills. These lessons are easy to use - like a script you just read aloud. Some include dictations to use along with the included worksheets, and many come with posters to show rules to your students.

The lessons are meant to be done over 3 weeks, 4 days per week, but you can adjust them however you'd like. I've also included French practice pages that you can use beyond these 12 days to ensure your learners remember the important skills they've learned.

I believe that writing things down is an important step in committing things to memory. There have been plenty of studies demonstrating this, and I can say for certain that it has helped my students in learning French as well. Although it can feel repetitive for learners, it's also an important step in getting those vocabulary and sentence structure rules down.

I've included 1-2 worksheets for each lesson along with some tests that you can use to assess your learner's progress. I have also included an answer key. If you feel they need to spend more time on a certain concept then you can slow down and practice that more. I have included some extra practice materials that you can use to do so. Once your learners are ready you can move on to the next lesson.

There is an entire section of this unit called 'extras'. These are materials you can us in addition to lessons, for struggling learners, or for spiral practice throughout the year. I've included posters to hang as reminders, a date journal students can use throughout the year, a simple board game, flashcards, and reference materials for student's notebooks or binders.

Download the Free French Date Unit Here!

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