Sunday, March 22, 2020

Free Rock Cycle My Pet Rock Journal And Learning Pack!

I'm happy to say that I've got another awesome freebie for you today! This free "My Pet Rock" Journal is a great way to take advantage of the nice Spring weather without having to travel far. Although we're still covered in snow here, I've enjoyed seeing posts everywhere about kids getting out in backyards and still enjoying the fresh air and soaking up some vitamin D.

I am planning to release a few freebies in the coming weeks in hopes that it helps you and your kids beat boredom and learn together. I've already released my Star Wars and Princess Writing Packs, and you can check out my Freebies Page too for more fun! I've got some math games coming up, along with sight words resources and phonics games too that will all be free, so stay tuned!

I made this freebie especially with my niece in mind, who has been collecting a ton of rocks lately, bringing them home and painting them. It's something my youngest daughter also enjoys doing in warmer weather and I'm sure many of your kids do too.

So I figured I'd make it into a fun activity - with a little learning snuck in there too! Science credit, done! Here is everything that comes in the pack:

  • Play Ideas & Links to videos and crafts
  • Different Cover Pages In Black & White And Color
  • Types Of Rocks Poster
  • Rock Cycle Poster
  • Rock Cycle Information Pages
  • My Observations Covers In Black & White And Color
  • Journal Pages For Younger Kids/Beginner Writers
  • Journal Pages For Older Kids/Advanced Writers
  • My Rock Dictionary Pages Including Covers In Black & White And Color

All in all, you get a fun journal for your child to remember their favorite rocks, learn about types of rocks, and the rock cycle. All while making it into a fun nature walk/outdoor activity you can do in your backyard or neighborhood.

There are two types of journal pages, with one for beginner or less 'enthusiastic writers', and one for more advanced writers. Use the pages you think your child would enjoy most - remember, they'll still be learning!

The simpler page includes primary writing lines with only 3 things to write, as well as a bigger space for kids to draw a picture of their rocks or paste a photo. The other page has a few different things to write, including the features of the rock (what makes it a sedimentary/igneous/metamorphic rock) and how they found it.

I made the rock dictionary pages with some vocabulary and writing practice in mind. Whenever your child is reading about rocks, they can either record words they didn't know before or interesting facts they find.

I've also included both color and black and white versions of all the pages, depending on your printing preference! It's also a lot of fun for kids to color in the black and white pages, especially younger children.

You can download this freebie below!


When you're sharing this free download, please share THIS page and not the direct google link! This helps keep my resources free - thank you!

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