Sunday, March 8, 2020

Free Star Wars Writing Set For Beginner to Intermediate Writers

My oldest daughter is a huge Star Wars fan. She started getting really into the series just a few months ago when we had a family movie-a-thon before the newest chapter, Rise of Skywalker, came out. We watched all 8 previous movies over the course of a week and then hit the theater the weekend after seeing the new movie. Since then she has been reading and watching every Star Wars book and show she can get her hands on.

Seeing as how this particular kiddo is also a bit of a reluctant writer when it comes to writing in our homeschool, I decided to encourage her creativity a bit by making her this set. I also made it for her younger sister, who, although she's not a huge Star Wars fan, wants to do everything her big sister is doing.

And I've decided to share this set with all of you! Your child can make up their own Star Wars story using the movie characters, settings, and more.

There are a few levels of writing lines in this set, including primary sized lines and smaller lines for older kids. There are also different levels of story elements. The first having simpler story elements to choose from, including a character, setting, and action. This is a great choice for beginning writers who would only want to write one or two sentences (ex: "Luke Skywalker walked around Tatooine. He saw the suns.") Then, there are other elements added on in other pages such as times.

I've included general times of day, as well as some clocks with time to the hour - a great way to practice telling time too!

I've also included an extra writing page for older kids who would like to write more, as well as an illustration page for kids to make their own picture(s) on to include with their story.

There is even a background page if you'd like to go writing-free and just let your kids' creativity fly. You can cut out the characters and glue them onto sticks to make them into little puppets.

I really hope you and your kids enjoy this set!


And coming soon...a Frozen writing set for free too!

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