Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Free Magnets Science Journal For Elementary Learners

 Free Printable Magnets Science Journal

Magnets! Do you remember learning about them in school? I do! I feel like it's a concept we all remember learning because it is just so fun. Who wouldn't love spending a day experimenting with different magnets and making iron bits go crazy? Or having magnet races, pushing along a magnet with another.

But when it comes to proving your kid's learning, it can be tricky. How do you SHOW what you taught them - besides photos? Well, I am hoping my science journals can help you there! Did you know I have others too? You can check them out here or by heading to the science page on the menu above.

This unit includes pages with very simple explanations going over how magnets were discovered, how they work, and how we use them in our everyday lives. It also includes some simple worksheets and two fun activities that get kids to find magnets in their own homes or classrooms.

I love it when science is fun and hands-on and the paperwork is minimal. I know that's what my kids love too. So I have made sure to keep things very simple, clean and easy. Just read through the explanations (your learners can also colour them in!), fill in the worksheet and try out the 2 simple activities.

If your kids are really interested in exploring magnets further, you can continue on with hands-on activities, books, and videos. But you'll have this great journal as proof of your child's learning!

This unit was made to follow the Cycle 1 Elementary progression (grades 1-2) in the Quebec Education program, but it can be used by anyone in any grade. There is no writing on it indicating grade level :)

Download it for FREE instantly below!

Download the Free Magnet Science Journal Here!

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