Saturday, August 27, 2022

Free Science Journal: Shadows

I don't think there is one kid who hasn't stopped to play with their shadow at some point in the day. Whether they have been making shadow puppets with their hands or trying to escape their shadow like Peter Pan, kids naturally love to experiment with light and shadow.

This science journal is one great way to show that learning in either a homeschool setting or classroom/co-op. It explains light sources and how shadows are made in simple terms for grades k-2. It also covers the progression of learning (in Quebec) for Earth and Space, Systems and Interactions, "Describes the apparent position of the sun on the length of shadows"

But whether or not you're teaching these specific progressions, most curriculum and guidelines do include children learning about the simple concepts behind light and shadows in grades k-2. Of course, you could also use this unit with older children who have never studied this concept before, or with mixed ages.

This journal also includes some great worksheets and experiments to show your kids learning for portfolios or reporting, or just for fun memories!

I hope that you and your learners enjoy this journal - have you seen the rest of the collection HERE? We have so many now and more on the way! Download this one below...

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