Saturday, August 27, 2022

Free Science Journal: Sun, Earth and Moon

 Free Science Journal #10

System of the Earth, Sun and Moon

Welcome to another fun-filled freebie science journal!
This one is all about the system involving the sun, the Earth and the moon and is made especially to cover the progression of learning "Associates the sun with the idea of a star, the Earth with the idea of a planet, and the moon with the idea of a natural satellite"

It is made especially for K-2 but can be used for any age or grade level that you see fit!
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This science journal gives simple information showing students how the sun, Earth and moon all relate to each other. It explains that the sun is a star, and the Earth exists in a  solar system and revolves around the sun. and the moon is a natural satellite that revolves around Earth and is lit by reflecting the sun's light.

It includes some fun activities!
I have included a basic worksheet in this journal along with pages to colour in and label. It also includes a fun moon journal that kids can keep for a week to see how the suns light changes position on the moon. It is a very simple explanation for this age group, and doesn't contain specific moon phases - that will be covered in an upcoming journal for older grades.

You could, of course, add in a book if this is something your child is very interested in and learn all about the moon phases together. That is my hope with these easy-to-use journals is that they inspire some further learning!

You can download this freebie below!
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