Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Free Quebec History Mystery 8: Traces From the Past

It's time for another Quebec History Mystery!
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It's History Mystery #8 - our last unit about the Iroquoians! We'll visit them a bit more in the next unit that compares the Iroquoians with the Inca (an important progression of learning).

In this unit, learners will discover a trace left behind by the Iroquoians - language!

In this unit, kids will follow 3 QR codes. One will lead them to a page with two short paragraphs on LEARN Quebec. Here they'll learn about why language is something in present-day Canada that we have left of Iroquoian culture.

The second will take them to a Wikipedia page that contains places in Canada with Iroquoian names. They will need to find at least 2 and list them.

The third QR code will take them to a really neat Indigenous language translation site that contains some of the Iroquoian language, translated into English. They'll use the chart on this page to do a word hunt!

The worksheets in this unit all help to show kids learning in their portfolios and how they are following and learning the progressions of learning - equal to what is being taught in public schools.

These worksheets are to the point and are always made with my own third and fourth-grade kids in mind. They'll never feel like too much - and if they do just do them over the course of a few days. Taking the time to answer one question per day is actually a great way to slow down and review everything they've learned.

The word hunt in this unit is just for fun so it isn't required, but I highly recommend doing it! Discovering different languages and characters is such an engaging way to dive into history, and it won't take more than 10 or 15 minutes to do.

They may even like to explore the site further and try to write sentences!
As always, I include maps and diagrams to keep as a reference or to display in your learning space. I have quite a few of these taped up onto our dining room wall! It's a great way to have the whole family talk about what was learned that day at suppertime. It also helps your kids remember what you talked about and learned.

You can download this free unit by clicking the link under the image below. 
**All I ask is that when sharing this resource to please share the link to this blog post or blog, NOT the google drive link! That slows down download speeds for everyone. Thank you!**

Download The Quebec History Mystery Unit Here

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